Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trying To Cull The Want List (and Hanne Redressed)

You may notice that Diamond Society Eugenia is no longer in my Top Ten Most Wanted dolls, and Back In Black Natalia moved into the Top Ten.  I got inspired yesterday by my friend Carolyn to try and shrink my Wish List.  She has a very small Wish List, and I think it would be nice to be desiring fewer dolls.  Honestly, I think that I wanted Diamond Society more because she's highly sought after, than wanting her because I genuinely loved her, you know?  Unfortunately, I do genuinely want all those Agnes dolls still in the list, so they're still log jammed there.  It didn't help my wish list getting all those Tulabelles back on there because I'm obsessed with her again.  But I probably don't need *every* Tulabelle...

Anyway, here's Hanne redressed.  The Queen of Sixteen.

Dress, Bag, Shoes - SoUol by Louos
Jewelry - Pop Of Color Annik

Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 6: Tuxedo Mask


There isn't much of an intro before the opening credits this time.  This episode is actually very dense with information, but is also plagued by the same animation inconsistency we've seen before.  Last week's episode was the best animated since the premiere, and this one takes a big shift in quality, and I must say, has a very weird sense of direction.  You can kind of tell that they were SUPER cutting corners because of the weird holds on chins and necks, and how half the show is like that.  There isn't a lot of 'animation' in this episode, but there's quite a bit of story.  And the story is good!  I just found the direction choice of weird stills to be a bit distracting.

Usagi is given the Moon Stick from the end of the last episode, and we go right into the opening credits.  We then go to Mamoru waking up in his apartment, and parading around shirtless for all the fangirls (where are his nipples, though...? Stupid anime never drawing nipples...).  He has a bad dream about an attack, and the shadowy princess asking about the Legendary Silver Crystal.  We then go to Usagi, who is much more cheerful, as she greets Ami and Makoto.  They're pretty surprised that she's up on time, but she says that she's been having bad dreams as well, and her dreams are similar to Mamoru's, except that she sees a shadowy warrior instead of a princess.

Annnndddd, then she totally slams into Mamoru.  It's always Mamoru.  Tokyo must become a small town REAL fast.  Makoto teases Usagi about blushing over him, but then they're all distracted by the news report that Tuxedo Mask is going on a crime spree to get his hands on the Legendary Silver Crystal.  He's doing this to gather as much information about it as he can.  Can I just say that I LOVE that Usagi's mom is using a cat toy to play with Luna as the broadcast airs.

The report also reaches the Dark Kingdom (wow, that's some good reception - cross dimensional broadcasting!).  It tickles me that Kunzie and Zoisite are standing close together (plllleeeeeaassseeeeeee keep them a couple).  Beryl points out that they want the Silver Crystal too, and there's a long hold on how big her boobs are.  Nephrite wants to go after the Senshi again, swearing revenge on Jupiter for DESTROYING his ass, but Zoisite is given the task.  Him and Kunzite also have hilarious "oh no, he's talking again" looks on their faces.  God, Zoisite looks gorgeous in this anime, but still masculine (unlike the 90's one)  He's also apparently in charge of Europe.  Okay there, Napoleon.

The girls meet at the arcade after hours (how does Luna use a key to get in?), and she tells them about the Princess from the Moon, and that the Legendary Silver Crystal has the power to destroy a planet, so they need to find it and protect it. While they're talking, Usagi's very upset about the idea of Tuxedo Mask being an enemy and won't believe it.  She also thinks that the Sailor V game is talking to her, as she sees Sailor V using the Moon Stick in the game.  The Sailor V sprite then tells Usagi to believe in herself.  Luna also mentions that she's been sent from the Moon, and that they'll all understand everything when they awaken their memories completely.  They wonder about Sailor V being a Guardian of Justice, but point out that she hasn't been seen much lately.

A report goes on the news with a Dr. Isono, who is an 'expert'.  An expert on looking FABULOUS.  Because it's totally Zoisite in drag.  Yay!  The report sends out brainwashing waves to make people go nuts trying to look for the Legendary Silver Crystal.  Even Usagi's mom is affected, going into full on zombie mode.  Then the whole city starts to rip itself apart in Legendary Silver Crystal mania.  Okay, Zoisite's powers thus far make Nephrite and Jadeite look completely useless.

Back at the arcade at night, Luna shows the girls the underground research station she's been using, that's hidden under all the Sailor V arcade cabinets.  The computers point out that all the evil energy is focused at a TV station.  Luna thinks she underestimated Tuxedo Mask, and that all of this might be his doing (yeah right, he's not that competent), and Usagi flips.  She says that Tuxedo Mask isn't their enemy because he's always coming to save her.  Makoto and Luna are disapproving that it seems she's falling for him, and she runs off in a snit.  She's just apparently running nowhere all through town, thinking of all the times that Tuxedo Mask came to save her.

Zoisite's persona is getting impatient with all the humans who can't do one single thing right like find the Legendary Silver Crystal, so she uses the TV waves to suck out all their energy (the most competent plan on the show thus far - hell, it's the most competent I've seen a villain in a while, including the 90's anime).  Can you tell that I love Zoisite???  Say bye-bye to your energy humans.  But, Luna and the Senshi (minus Sailor Moon) show up.  Zoisite reveals himself, and he and the Senshi have a big drag down fight, which is intersected with scenes with Usagi.

As the girls are transforming, Usagi's been running around with no direction, and has tired herself out.  She almost faints, but Tuxedo Mask is there to catch her.  He apologizes for creating the whole mess, and points out that he did it to find out more about the Crystal since he doesn't have powers like the Senshi do.  This is where the weird close up frames get REALLY distracting.  It's like they blew their budget on the first half of the episode.  Usagi admits that she also feels powerless, even though she's supposed to be the leader of a team.  She knows that she has to protect everyone, but she feels she can't.  But, she says that she'll just have to try harder, and looks to the skies.  Things are looking pretty ominous with all the lightning and black clouds.

The girls are throwing their powers down on Zoisite, but he's dodging them all, until Mercury's bubbles turn into little water cannons.  I love how organic their attacks are during this fight.  There are no cut-scenes to power animations, and it makes the fight feel more alive.  The girls charge their powers and tell Zoisite to say his last words, and chastise him for taking energy, but he says not to underestimate him, and knocks all the girls right on their asses and out of commission with one attack.  With all of them nearly unconscious, and Usagi still watching from the sidelines, the skies open up, and Beryl appears to them.  She's way sexier in this anime than she was in the 90's one.

Back to Usagi - she knows she needs to transform, but she doesn't want to do it in front of Tuxedo Mask.  Wait... what?  He came to her frickin' house and got her to come to where Makoto was in trouble last episode.  True, he wasn't standing right there when she transformed, but wouldn't that lead one to believe that he knew she was Sailor Moon?  Okay, okay, I know.  This *is* Usagi we're talking about, but still!  And she also just admitted in front of him that she was the leader of a team and felt powerless.  Tuxedo Mask tells her to transform, giving away that he knows the truth.

Usagi points out that she doesn't have powers of mist, lightning, or fire like the other girls, saying that she's useless without Luna.  Tuxedo Mask then takes her in his arms and points out that she has the special power to make everyone smile.  She brought the best out in Ami, Rei, and Makoto, and they all feel stronger because of her.  He gives her a boost of confidence that makes her feel 'warm and powerful'.  I love that.  In the old anime, that sort of thing may have been implied, but Usagi always did seem weak and needed Tuxedo Mask to tell her she could attack now in every episode.  This time, the love she feels for him makes her stronger overall, and makes her realize how special she is, just like she made the other Senshi realize how special THEY are.

So, she transforms, and she is all kinds of BAMF as she flips onto the roof, Moon Stick at the ready.  I don't know how she got there so fast, but she's looking pretty badass doing it all the same.  Beryl threatens her, and Usagi admits she's a clumsy crybaby, but she wants to help everyone.  She gets a flash of video game sprite V telling her she can do it, and so she uses the Moon Stick for the first time.  We get an animation for Moon Healing Escalation (and it's way less involved than the 90's anime, but it's more badass).  Usagi's face is set in determination, and Zoisite throws himself between Beryl and the attack.  Zoisite's now unconscious, but Beryl retreats with him in her arms.  Usagi then glides over the city and restores energy to everyone.

All that badassery makes Usagi weak, and she collapses.  Tuxedo Mask is there again to catch her, and kisses her while she's unconscious (again).  I think Usagi would like it if you kissed her WHILE SHE'S AWAKE, creeper.  As he's kissing her, his moon phase watch falls onto her.  He picks her up and carries her away.  Usagi's inner monologue says that she's feeling more energized just by being near him, and that the feeling is so familiar, like she's felt it a hundred times before.

OMG OMG OMG OMG, SAILOR V ALERT.  We only see her and Artemis for a brief second, but OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.  Can you tell she's my fave?  And I cannot WAIT to see her as a more competent soldier.  I actually wish that Sailor Moon Crystal would do a mini season of Codename: Sailor V.  That would RULE.

Ahem... anyway, back to the story.  Usagi has a flash of her dream, of someone always calling her name.  She wonders who he is, and wakes up in a strange bed (oh, you slut!).  She wonders where she is, and the moon phase watch falls out of her clothes.  It's broken now, when it wasn't at the beginning of the episode.  It turns out that she's in Mamoru's apartment, and he appears in the room without his mask on, revealing himself to Usagi.


Next episode - Chiba Mamoru - Tuxedo Mask.  It looks like it will continue where we left off, learning more about Mamoru, his memory loss, and his desire for the Legendary Silver Crystal.  Two weeks is too long to wait!

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's My Birthday! (Berenice Redressed)

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to...

I don't think I'll cry today, but it's not going to be a huge celebration or anything.  As you get older, your birthdays get way more subdued.  I do have a Dairy Queen cake (yay!), and I do have three dolls coming on Monday, and High Visibility Agnes in the mail right now, so I will be getting late presents (that I paid for myself).  The present I want more than anything right now is a PS4, but Integrity won't stop shipping fucking dolls, LOL.

Here's Berenice all dazzled up for my birthday!
Top, Jeans - Barbie Basics 2.5
Bracelets - Barbie Basics 1.0
Earrings, Necklace - MiniBarbie
Purse - Dark Narcissus Kyori

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Face Off 07x09 - Serpent Soldiers


Last week, George won with his Axe Girlfriend in the Horror Movie Poster challenge, and Sasha was saved from elimination.  This week?  Let's find out!

At the house, everyone's congratulating George on his win, and Drew points out that he's the only one who hasn't had a top look yet.  Pressure? It's on.

We head to the giant battleship Iowa (now a museum), and McKenzie is standing next to a bunch of 'top secret' crates.  It's G.I. Joe!  It's also G.I. Joe's 50th anniversary  She mentions Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes, so it turns out we're doing snake super soldiers.  Each crate holds a snake, some of them quite deadly.  All of them quite adorable.  I know that most people will disagree with me on that, but I think snakes are cute.  McKenzie totally kicks Vanna White's ass as she's opening each crate to reveal the snakes.  The biggest one is for last, and I immediately shout out "Anaconda!" before she opens it, because that's really the only snake that would be big enough to fit in that crate. (and it's not even the biggest Anaconda that I've seen - I watch a lot of nature shows).

Rachel picks the Green Tree Python, Drew picks the Tiger Rat Snake, Sasha picks the Hognosed Snake, Damien goes for the Gaboon Viper (also the snake with the largest fangs in the world), Cig goes for the Christmas Tree Eyelash Viper, Keaghlan picks the Albino Reticulated Python (a common snake for pets), George goes for the Green Anaconda, Dina takes the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, and Stella takes the Namibian Coral Cobra.

McKenzie then tells them the winner will also get a huge toy package including 50th anniversary figures from Hasbro.  Cig says he wants that prize BAD, and then would have G.I. Joe parties.  McKenzie also says that she put some Samsung (product placement!) TVs into the lab so that they could magnify their pictures of the snakes in the lab, which is cool.  You can really look at the snake details on a bigger screen.  If you're a Face Off aficionado like I am, you will remember that in Season 2, the Green Tree Python made an appearance in the "Deadly Beauty" challenge where they had to marry a snake and a plant together in a design.  It would be cool if it were the exact same snake.  The Face Off snake.

Because Cig's snake does look like it has eyelashes, he plans a female ninja snake with the codename 'Lashes', but he's one of the last people to choose his model, and all the female ones are taken.  He goes with Matt, and has to change up his design.  Sasha and Keaghlan are both having problems trying to make a human face look snake-like (hint - snakes don't have an indentation between their nose and lips).  Sasha's especially worried because she was saved last week, and doesn't want to make it seem like the judges wasted the one-time save with another shitty makeup.  Drew may also be in trouble because he's going out of the box, and doing a human who has been body modifying himself to add Tiger Rat Snake features to himself.  Kinda like Voldemort, I guess...?

Dina's really into hers, and the clothes are very The Baroness.  Her snake has a very distinct eye-like pattern on it, which she's going to use.  She also wants to win that G.I. Joe action figure pack pretty badly because her boyfriend is a collector.

Back to Sasha and her problems.  She's asking everyone in the lab what she should do to stop it from looking like shit (she really does remind me of Miranda).  Thankfully for the other people in the lab who are trying to work on their own stuff, McKenzie and Mr. Westmore come in, and he gives her some direction.  Mr. Westmore's also a little concerned about Drew's, since he's doing something so different from everyone else, and because it's so minimal.  With minimal makeups, the paint needs to be PERFECT.  Keaghlan is also thrown for a loop when Mr. Westmore says that he doesn't see much of the snake in her face.  She's a self-proclaimed Barbie girl.  Hell, so am I, but that doesn't mean that I would just throw away the challenge.

On day 2, Sasha's doing her scales like the feathers that she did in her cat/owl in the animal hybrid challenge.  Keaghlan decides not to do a cowl, but rather a strawberry blonde wig that is a similar color to her Python.  Stella's nearly done her face, and we hear the producer's voice telling her that Kerstin, her model, has strep throat, and she'll be getting Elena instead.  Elena has a much smaller face, so Stella has the dilemma of having to sculpt a whole new face for Elena, or use the one that was meant for Kerstin.  She decides that she doesn't have enough time to work on the face again, so she'll just worry about it during application.

George creates a muscular bodysuit because Anacondas are soooo thick and muscular.  Rachel is having issues with hating her cowl.  Damien is the only one who even mentions fangs.  He decides to go with ogre dentures, and cuts all of them out except for the incisor fangs, and uses paint and clear nail polish to make them look moist and more like snake fangs.  Good choice, since if you Google a Gaboon Viper's fangs, they are HUGE.

On application day, Stella's up shit's creek at the start, because she has to spend the extra time darting and moving and stuffing her face so it will fit on Elena's smaller face.  She also has the issue of hating her helmet cowl because A: it doesn't fit and B: she thinks it looks lame.  Cig is going very action figure for his paint scheme, and Dina is dry brushing pearl over her paint to give it the translucence of snake scales.  Keaghlan thinks hers is missing something.  Yeah, like the snake.  It looks like a scaly cat.  In Last Looks, Stella just decides to ditch the headpiece and style Elena's hair instead.

Here we go with the Final Looks:

Cig's Christmas Tree Eyelash Viper looks good.  His is definitely the most 'action figure' of them all.

Next is Drew's Tiger Rat Snake.  It actually turned out pretty cool, and I like the treatment of the brow, and the way the orbital bones go down to the cheeks. Also dig the claws.  They really do look like metal.  His model is going nuts with the movement, though.  It's kind of like "Okay, calm down Omar (yes, I know his name), and let us see the damn makeup."  Dig the addition of the snakebite piercings.

Next is Rachel's Green Tree Python.  Looks more like a Green Tree Ninja Turtle with some sort of face abnormality.  With also one shade of green.  This didn't really go right for her this week.

Damien's Gaboon Viper is decent, but not my fave.  The little 'horns' that the actual snake has translated well into the makeup.  Cool looking neck, though.  It looks snake-like, but there's also something almost mechanical to it, too.

Here we've got George's Green Anaconda, who he named "Manaconda", which sounds like a dish you'd get at an Italian restaurant.  There's something about it that looks kind of lopsided to me, but there's some really cool paint at the outer edge of the eyes.  I also don't understand the bodysuit and the weird black square over the torso. (that you totally can't see in this picture...)  He's also got cool teeth.

Dina's Brazilian Rainbow Boa is my FAVE.  She looks sexy and like The Baroness turned into a snake.  The scales look so good and realistic, and the paint job is perfect.  Yay Dina!

Stella's Namibian Coral Cobra actually turned out okay considering all the problems she had.  The hair's a little messy, and there are some small pucker issues, but that's to be expected.  The nasal labia area looks VERY snake like.  Cool costume, too.

Oh Sasha.  It's Cat Owl, Part 2. Except not a success.  The face is totally lopsided, and the scales don't look like snake scales.  She's at least got some decent paint on there, though.  That's the one high point.  Her actor also gets premature sword ejaculation when he tries to pull it out of the sheath.

And then there's Keaghlan.  I thought that Stella's model had messy hair, but at least it was her model's actual hair, and not this awful wig that Keaghlan's model is wearing.  The best part is the mask that's covering up Keaghlan's makeup, because it's not good.  Bad paint, bad sculpt.  It looks like a cat.  But, the model's legs go for MILES, and she's got a neat outfit.

So, Cig, Dina, and Drew are in the top.  Dina's was my pick.  I love the comment that Glenn makes about Cig's, wanting one for in the package, and one to play with.  And again I choose the winner.  Dina wins, and she gets the G.I. Joe toys for her boyfriend.  I'm sure he'll be very thankful!

The bottom looks are Keaghlan, Sasha, and Rachel.  I picked Sasha to go home, since she totally wasted the save, but they chose Keaghlan.  I can't say I blame them, since her's was a giant mess, too.

The preview for next week shows scary clowns.  Set skin to crawl in 3... 2... 1...

New WClub Offer - Edge Vanessa, by Lisa Ramsammay!

We all knew this doll was coming eventually.  At last year's Premiere convention, this dress by Lisa Ramsammay won the Advanced Design category, which meant that it would be produced by Integrity Toys at sometime in the future.  And the future is now!  Just when EVERY other doll is coming out.  WHY INTEGRITY WHY?  I'm already SUPER broke, so this was a pleasant/unpleasant surprise.  Pleasant because she's GORGEOUS, and unpleasant because it's NOW.  Blargh.  Lisa originally had her dress on a customized Vanessa 1.0 doll with platinum hair, and while IT used the Vanessa 3.0 mold, the vision is still accurate.

The one thing that's really different about the release of this girl is that you can order as many as you want.  There are no limits to WClub members, and thus no limits to the general public, either.  The doll looks very Poesie Sans Couleur crossed with Miami Glow Vanessa, so she's got some retro vibe, too.  She's $135 for WClub members, and $150 to the general public.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In The Pink (Kylie Redressed)

In my world, Kylie is a professional dancer who often works with DJ Camilla. Here, she's getting down in her pink camo gear.  Only 43 days left until convention!  Working on jewelry today.  Doll jewelry is very finnicky stuff, so that will probably take a while.

Hat, Skirt, Necklace - Hard Rock Cafe #4 Barbie
Boots - Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie
Jacket - The Making Of... Erin
Earrings - Me

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mellow Yellow (McKenzie Redressed)

I'm still so thankful to Rich for sending this doll my way.  I LOVE the Vero 2.0 face, and this one is one of the prettiest yet.  McKenzie is lounging in the summer sun (the last of it - Yay!  I don't like summer much), looking very sunny herself.

Also, only 44 days until Convention.  Gotta work on my table gifts even harder than I have been. I'm in the home stretch, though!  (or, sort of...)

Dress/Top - MiniBarbie
Jeans - Barbie Basics 2.0
Necklace - Follow The Line Kesenia
Bracelet - Barbie Basics 1.0 Fashion Pack
Belt - Nu.Fantasy The Beast