Monday, May 25, 2015

Roxanne (OOAK Vivid Impact Agnes)

My bae.  This is my OOAK Agnes, and still my fave doll in my entire collection.  And I just want to also give a big damn THANK YOU to everyone who's been clicking to check out my blog lately.  I've been getting a lot more traffic, and that really makes me happy!  So thank you, thank you, thank you, and keep tuning in for my craziness and my dollies.

Dress - Full Spectrum Veronique
Belt - In Stitches Pizzazz
Necklace - Hot Property Natalia
Earrings - Olgaomi on ebay
Gold Cuff - Fashion Royalty

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fairuza (My Desire Isha)

One of the newest girls in my collection - mannnnnn, it's like and Isha love-fest this year.  LOVE IT.

Dress - Business Class Isha
Earrings - Unknown
Black Bracelets - Barbie
Silver Bracelets - Liv

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Betty (Addicted Luchia)

Well, now that the Webinar has come and gone, and the dust has settled, and I bought WAY too many dolls, I'm going to focus on dolls that I already have.  Maybe it will prevent me from trying to add any others to my already gigantic preorder list.  Betty is one of the first dolls that still remains in my collection.  I just love the old Luchia.  And she reminds me a bit of Katy Keene, so that's why I'm looking at her - so I won't try to buy a bunch of the Katy Keene dolls, LOL!

Jacket - Unknown
Dress - Pencil Me In Eugenia
Earrings - Silkstone
Belt, Ring - Fashion Royalty
Cuff Bracelets, Dog - Barbie

Monday, May 18, 2015

The May Webinar - Event Doll! (5 of 5)

So, we come to the end of the Webinar the way we always do - with an event doll.  It's a Fashion Royalty giftset, and it's Veronique in a cream skintone which she hasn't had.  I love Vero 2.0, but her price is $225, so I'm really hesitating on if I should get her.  The more I looked at the pictures, and thought about cutting her hair to give her a bob, the more I kind of wanted her.  She's also got the same mole detail as all the other FR girls.

Royal Treatment Veronique Event Giftset:

She's made to order, so the release date is kind of a crapshoot.  They're aiming for late summer/early fall.  By the time I actually publish this, I may have already purchased her.  We'll see (and I'll add a little note on what I decided to do, since I'm typing this the day of the Webinar)

NOTE - I decided not to get her.  The price point is just too high, and I already got confirmed for a butt load of dolls.

The May Webinar - Fashion Royalty! (4 of 5)

Fashion Royalty was the last line shown in the day (and I know some people were disappointed that Coven, Jem, and Nu.Face weren't shown, but the did say those are coming soon).  And we had a few surprises with FR in terms of characters.  They've been doing these Core 8 characters for a while, and now we're starting to see some 'guests' appear.  Most of the dolls are for sale for $135 USD (and I'll note where the price may vary), and come out staggered during July and August.

Style Notes Isha:

My heart leaped with joy when I saw the proper return of Isha.  She went on the list to my dealer IMMEDIATELY.  Her dress is very simple, but very stylish, too.  Isha's with the Latina skintone, which is lighter than she usually is.  Guys, you have no idea how happy I am that Isha made an appearance.  No idea!

Prestige Natalia:

One of the things I wanted from the Webinar was a Natalia with a different hairstyle.  And this one even has a different screening, so I'm really happy.  I love Natalia as a character, so she was also a must-have for me.  And I love the pink accessories!

Decorum Eugenia:

I knew before going into the webinar that I wasn't going to purchase a Eugenia unless she knocked my socks off.  This Eugenia is really pretty, but I didn't purchase her.  Her ponytail is a little different from Natalia's in that it's got a criss-cross detail.  I love the first picture where she's wearing a hat, because it kind of looks like she was going to have short hair.  I probably would have bought her if her hair was short.  Pretty coral colors, though!  Might have to try and pick up this outfit on the secondary market.

Refinement Vanessa:

I was on the fence on if I would get a Vanessa, but mannnn.... I love the outfit and the coloring of this one.  The mauve lips with that color hair just sucked me right in.  This doll actually sells for $145 USD, so she's slightly more expensive than the other girls in the line.  I'm not really sure why.  Maybe fabrics or something?

Fine Print Elise:

Another thing I wanted from the Webinar!  A redheaded Elise!  This doll is also $145 USD like Vanessa, so she must have the same fabric thing.  Elise is also wearing the same sort of dress that the upgrade Agnes is wearing, just in a different color.  I love her coat, and the hair is very severe and kind of masculine, which I like!

Fame Fable Kyori:

This doll is really pretty, but I took her off my wish list at the last minute because I have several dolls who have this same coloring.  Not Kyori, but I felt I could live without her.  That may change when she's revealed and we start seeing real life pictures.

Timeless Adele:

Holy Lupita!  WOW.  This Adele is something I've wanted for a while - a more natural African American hairstyle, darker skin on Adele 3.0, and non neon makeup.  She's perfection.

Perfect Reign Tatyana:

As if Isha wasn't a pleasant enough surprise, one of my other fave face molds that's been on hiatus comes back with Tatyana 2.0.  I put this girl on my list immediately.  Such a different look for her, and a softer screening.

So, that's the FR collection.  The upgrade Agnes really fits in with them, and I dig the 'mole' detail that marries them all together.  And we'll see that mole detail on the event doll as well....