Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Colette (Perk Colette)

So, the week's only about halfway through, and it's already been a real rollercoaster for me. I'm going to have to file for bankruptcy, which means making some dolly decisions very soon on what I want to keep from my pre-orders, and keep from my collection.  I hope I don't have to sell anything.

Here's one girl that I'm pretty sure I won't be selling - my one and only Colette.  I wonder if the next time we see Colette, she'll have a new face.

Top - Barbie
Scarf - Who Is He Kissing Jem
Pants - Barbie Basics
Earrings - Me
Bracelets - Fashion Royalty

Monday, July 27, 2015

Elise (Premiere Convention Workshop Elise)

Currently I'm experiencing what I like to call 'Doll Creep'.  If you have a want list of dolls, you've felt it too, I guarantee it.  It's when you get your want list down to a sensible, manageable length.  And then dolls just creep up and jump on there and decide to add themselves to your want list, until you've got a "Maybe" folder full of like 50 more dolls that weren't there in the first place.  ARGH.  So, now I've got to go through my lists and trim them down AGAIN.

Shirt - Barbie Basics fashion pack
Gloves - Splendid Jordan
Earrings, Pants - Fashion Royalty

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Garnet (Dark Fable Imogen)

Today was another dull, rainy day, which was perfect for working on digital scrapbooking.  I like rainy days, but they make me tired.  Maybe that's why I like them - I do love sleep.  There was a nice day this week, so I got a couple shots of one of my newer girls - Garnet.

Shirt - Azone
Shorts - Randall Craig 'Ain't Misbehaving'
Fishnets - Barbie Top Model
Purse - Hello Kitty Barbie
Earrings - Me
Necklace - Night Warrior Vanessa
Ring - Dark Fable Imogen
Bracelets - Fashion Royalty

Friday, July 24, 2015

Marla (The Making Of... Erin)

So today I woke up to see a parcel waiting for me, which was surprising because I wasn't expecting anything.  Briefly I thought "oh shit, what I did I forget that I ordered?", but I saw it was from my friend Marla, and I was like "whaaaa?"  So I opened it up, and it was this lovely lady.  SUCH a nice surprise!  So, in honor of my friend, I named her Marla.  There was this joke for a while that another friend, Jenn, was selling this girl, and had a sign that said "Buy Me Marla & Kate", and she would pop up occasionally.  So, I guess she finally came home!  I'm still floored and feeling really loved.

Dress - Clear Lan
Belt - Fashion Royalty
Purse - Barbie Fashion Fever
Necklace - My Melody Barbie
Striped Bangle - Hello Kitty Barbie
Silver Bracelets - Me

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anja (In Sequins ITBE Anja)

I know that Hard Metal Lillith was the more popular of the two ITBE that came out at the Premiere collection, but I like Anja better.  She's just so serene and sun-kissed.

Jacket, Bodysuit - Live, Work, Play Giselle
Hat, Earrings - Randall Craig Chica Chica

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

McKenzie (Bewitching Veronique)

So, today's kinda a big day (at least for me) at work.  I'm going to be learning how to open and close the store, which gives me more responsibility.  Which makes me nervous, but I guess it's because I'm doing a good job.  I can't help but be nervous though.  Even the slightest bit of responsibility gets me all worried because I'm so damn hard on myself for EVERYTHING.  Hopefully it goes smoothly.

Jacket - Barbie
Top - Azone
Skirt - Kolkmann Kreations
Sunglasses - Barbie Basics
Earrings - Fashion Royalty

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Adelaide (Front Row Tulabelle)

I need more pre-orders like I need a hole in the head, but I'm eagerly looking forward to this year's batch of Tulabelles.  Though I am a little concerned.  When Integrity did their Big Poppy video last fall, they mentioned there were changes coming to Tulabelle, and I'm worried that she'll move down to 12".  I'm sure a lot of people would be glad about that, but I wouldn't be. I like her as she is!  Don't get me wrong - I'd still buy a 12" Tulabelle, but I hope she stays big.

Dress - Randall Craig
Belt - Unknown
Necklace - Yeti To Wear Tulabelle
Earrings - Pop Of Color Annik