Saturday, August 30, 2014

X is for Xandria

Yep, I even have a doll with a name that starts with X.  Xandria's probably the most normal out of all my girls.  She doesn't have an epic, sweeping storyline.  She's from South Africa, and is an animal conservationist.  She's dressed pretty in peach in this photo shoot.  I don't know what it is lately, but I've been obsessed with peach clothing.

Dress - MiniBarbie
Belt - Exaggeration Monogram
Purse - Top Model Resort Barbie
Bracelets - Barbie
Collar - Barbie Fashion Fever
Earrings - Fashion Royalty

Thursday, August 28, 2014

W is for Willow

I have to say that this is probably the most 'gangsta' outfit that I made.  I also kind of dig how it alllllmost looks like Willow's flipping the bird.  She may be a Witch that's revered as a water deity, but that doesn't mean that she can't cut loose and wear something casual, or get pissed at all the attention she gets and flip someone off.  At least she's not punching them out like Sean Penn or Russell Crowe.

Top - Kolkmann Kreations
Capris - Barbie Basics 2.0
Chain - Tess.Creations
Earrings - Me
Black Beaded Bracelet - Masterpiece Theater Giselle
Silver Bangle Stack - Fashion Royalty
Hat - CY Cool Girl fashion pack
Gloves - Liv

Face Off 07x06 - The Wizard Of Wonderland


Previously!  Damien won, and Doc went home!

We start the show with Sasha and Rachel feeding the coy, who are big and hungry.  Sasha's super excited today and hoping they get to do something bright and pretty.  FORESHADOWING OF DOOM.

So, they head over the rainbow.  The giant-ass 94 foot tall rainbow on Sony Pictures lot.  It was created because of The Wizard Of Oz film, which is 75 years old this year (wow!), but it's in front of a big tea party.  So, the challenge is to take a Wizard Of Oz character, and Wonderland them up, as if they fell down the rabbit hole.  This seems like a WICKED challenge (no pun intended).  Keaghlan comments that The Wizard Of Oz is her fave movie, and it totally cuts to her with her forelock of bright blue hair all curled up in the front and her blue eyebrows, and she TOTALLY looks like a member of the Lollipop Guild.  *gives slow clap to the editors*

They pair off, and then have to choose a giant teacup with the name of an Oz character on the bottom.  George and Drew pick the Wicked Witch of the West (natch, her teacup was green).  Dina and Stella choose a Flying Monkey.  Cig and Damien get the Scarecrow.  Keaghlan and Rachel get the Tin Woodman, and Sasha and Jason (who have two COMPETELY different artist aesthetics) get the Cowardly Lion.

It's kind of fitting that Sasha is working on the Cowardly Lion, because this episode is pretty much her being too scared to speak up that their character is going south in a HURRY.  Jason wants to do something monster and creepy since he doesn't like whimsical, and Sasha knows this is the wrong way to go, and wants to do something bright and fun.  But, she doesn't speak up.  She just kind of goes along with Jason's idea, and is all sad and passive-aggressive when everything starts going wrong, instead of having the *courage* to say that his concept was all wrong.

Drew and George want to make it like the Witch got caught up in a cyclone and got blown off course into Wonderland, so they want to exaggerate her features, and give her a twisted, cyclone-like beehive hairstyle.  They're still going with the green skin.  When I saw the preview for this episode last week, I *immediately* thought that doing the Wicked Witch with a big, creepy ass Cheshire Cat grin would be awesome.

Cig and Damien are letting the Scarecrow embrace Wonderland, and pretty much turning him into Crazy Quilt.  Stella and Dina decide to use the mischievous nature of the Winged Monkey to make him a Court Jester for the Queen of Hearts, and want to make the feathers of his wings be playing cards.  The idea looks pretty solid, and they're both on the same page.  So are Keaghlan and Rachel, who are making the Tin Woodman part of the Queen's guard, but he realizes he had a heart all along when he refuses to be her executioner.  Sasha and Jason are SO not on the same page, but I already talked about them.  We'll see more of their collapse very soon.

My idea for the lion while I was watching this episode was kind of a cross with the caterpillar.  If you're scared, of course you're going to turn to a hookah to mellow yourself out.  He'd become fat and lazy.  But Sasha's having flashbacks of when she teamed up with Barry on the American Gangster challenge, and they got told by Mr. Westmore that they weren't following the challenge.  It will be Deja Vu, trust me.  In contrast, George says that he likes working with Drew because Drew has no trouble saying what he likes and dislikes.

Sasha tries to make bigger, more exaggerated ears, but Jason shoots that down and she just rolls over, but complains about not liking it.  THEN FUCKING SAY SOMETHING.  ARGH.  Cig and Damien get their Scarecrow sculpts done REALLY fast because they plan to do a lot of fabricating with burlap and colorful patchwork.  Mr. Westmore warns Cig and Damien not to get too busy because then it will become an optical mess.

Mr. Westmore suggests that Stella and Dina add some hair to their monkey.  They decide to ask if they can have some of Rachel's hair, since it's bright purple.  They get permission to trim some "from the back only", and then get a little bit for the monkey's goatee and the backs of its hands.

Day 2 is a lot of fabricating and molding.  Stella is going to have to spend a lot of time making all her cards for the monkey's wings.  Sasha molds Jason's face sculpt, and it looks like a werewolf, not like a lion at all.  Rachel jumps on Keaghlan's Tin Woodman face just to check the symmetry.  It's a little uneven, so she fixes it up, since when you're dealing with a metal man, symmetry is important.  Cig is sewing patchwork to the Scarecrow's face, but it loses a lot of movement, and the boys are worried about it looking like a mask.  They decide to score some movement points on the inner side, and it moves a lot better.  Sasha does a fur transfer suit, rather than just a fun fur suit.  She also wants to stripe it up like the Cheshire Cat, but it may be too late in the game to save this one.  And Karma just wants to kick them when they're down, so their cowl mold locks, and they have to spend a lot of time trying to bust it open.

On application day, Keaghlan and Rachel are in a good place - Keaghlan is seaming the edges, and Rachel is making the cloak.  Cig and Damien work on their 'wonder-hay', a glittery mixture of fabric for the Scarecrow, and cut it up so it looks jammed in the cracks of the Scarecrow suit.  The Tin Woodman girls have a good idea what they want to do with their paint, and it looks GREAT.  Meanwhile, Sasha and Jason are just painting... whatever.  Jason has no paint scheme plan for the face, so they're getting even worse.  The paint was what was going to make it whimsical, and now it's a mess.  Drew and George's witch hat is really small on the inside, so they decide to scrap her tornado hair, which is worrying them, because it takes a big Wonderland aspect out of the Witch.

During the judge introduction (Ve is back!), McKenzie (looking all sexy and spangly) talks about next week's episode, called Judge Match.  The judges will be going head-to-head-to-head (to head?  Not sure if Lois is participating), and Face Off veterans will be helping them.  This should be interesting.

Here are the final looks:

Dina and Stella's Winged Monkey:

This thing turned out SO COOL.  It emotes so well, and the sculpting is excellent.  It's so freaky, yet so excellently done.

Jason and Sasha's Cowardly Lion:

MESS.  That's not a lion face.  That's a werewolf face.  And a bad werewolf face at that.  Since it was Jason's concept and face sculpt, I'm thinking he's the one leaving, but since Sasha didn't speak up, in the judges' eyes, that's just as bad.

Drew and George's Wicked Witch of the West:

All Oz.  No Wonderland.  It's a good sculpt, but there's a big lack of whimsy, aside from the twisted up broomstick handle and bristles.  Ve suggests she should have been painted a color other than green, and they all think it's lame that they ditched the tornado hair because they 'needed a hat'.

Keaghlan and Rachel's Tin Woodman:

I lurrrve this one. It looks like metal, and they even added some rust elements.  The sides of the head are really nice with the swirls, but there's still a mechanical shape in the 'piping' of the next muscles going up into the swirl.

Cig and Damien's Scarecrow:

MESS.  The concept was good, but it's just like a quilting cotton store barfed all over the place.  There's no focal point, and it's just busy, busy, busy.

The top looks are Stella and Dina's monkey, and Keaghlan and Rachel's Tin Woodman.  All girls in the top!

The bottom looks are Cig and Damien because their Scarecrow is so messy and a make-up job can't be found, and Sasha and Jason because it just plain sucks.  The judges don't really care for Drew and George's Witch either because there's so few aspects of Wonderland, but they're safe since the Witch had some very well done elements, and wasn't as bad as the other two teams.

It's easy for me to say now that I chose the Winged Monkey for the winner, but yes... I was right.  The Winged Monkey is the champ makeup this week.  Dina wins because it was her main face sculpt.  I picked Jason to go home - my mom wasn't sure because she thought that Cig or Damien might be going home, but I was right again.  I'm pretty good at picking the winners and losers, you know?  When you watch the episodes as much as I do, you get to have a sense of what's going to fail miserably.  Jason does indeed go home.  I hope Sasha has learned from her mistake of not speaking up for her ideas AGAIN.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

V is for Violet

and her goat!  Violet's rocking out the cowgirl look, hanging out with her kid goat.  I also set up a countdown widget on my desktop for the convention.  64 days and counting.  It will go pretty quickly.

Shirt, Hat, and Boots - Way Out West Barbie
Jeans - Barbie Basics
Cuff - Pop Of Color Annik
Goat - Schleich
Earrings - Fashion Royalty

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate: Wallpaper Pack 9 (Helena, Momiji, Phase 4)

Helena - Costume 10 (lapin blanc)

Momiji - Costume 6 (Love Is A Battlefield)

Phase 4 - Costume 11 (Scalpel)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

U is for Ursula

Ursula.  My baby.  I'd gotten a couple of Fashion Royalty dolls before I got Bewitching Hour Luchia, but when I saw her promotional picture, where she looked like a supervillain in her awesome Jean-Paul Gautier-esque boots, I knew I had to have her, and I knew I was on the verge of entering an entirely new world.  I wound up getting her, and then times got hard.  I had to sell most of my dolls, including my precious Bewitching Hour Luchia.

After a couple of years, I started to think about her again, and I found her online through just pure coincidence, and snatched her right up because she was a great price.  And this time she's never going to leave.  The first time I had her, I wasn't personalizing my dolls by naming them or giving them backstories, but now that I do that, I get more attached to them.  Some more than others, and Ursula is one of those ones that I'm very attached to.

Jacket - Clear Lan
Jewelry - Jenn Designs on eBay
Hair Accessory - Exaggeration Monogram
Leggings - The Daughter Who Sews on eBay

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate: Wallpaper Pack 8 (Pai, Ayane, Leifang)

Ayane - Costume 7 (How To Train Your Ninja)

Leifang - Costume 11 (Fun With Pandas)

Pai - Costume 4 (Pretty in Peking)