Friday, February 12, 2016

Erin (High End Envy Erin)

This Erin 2.0 was the first 2.0 Erin to exist, and I think she's still my fave.  I just love the black and red hair.

Jacket - Follow The Line Kesenia
Skirt - Rapture (Jem line)
Purse - Fashion Royalty

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jade (Faded Desert Kyori)

Dress - In Stitches Pizzazz
Earrings - Rock Me Baby Rayna
Bracelet, Sunglasses, Boots - Fashion Royalty

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Laura (Full Spectrum Veronique)

I still haven't signed up for the WClub yet.  I will, but I'm hedging on whether I should just get Imogen, or get Imogen and Poppy.  Poppy has my fave screening for her, so I'm tempted.  But I REALLY want to stick with my I only want to focus on something that I find amazing, and The Industry.  I know I'll be getting that shit day 1.

Dress - Fame By Frame Imogen
Earrings - Exaggeration Monogram
Bracelet, Sunglasses - Fashion Royalty

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sebina (Mistress Of Disguise Loni Lawrence)

I absolutely adore Loni, so I'm hoping that she'll make a guest appearance in the Bon Bon line for Poppy Parker that's coming out this year.

Jacket - Pretty Pleats Silkstone
Scarf - Clear Lan
Leggings - Kolkmann Kreations
Earrings, Top - Fashion Royalty

Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 WClub Registration Is Now OPEN!

It's that time of year again - WClub Registration time!  The price has not gone up from 50.00 USD (though that will be more expensive for me since the Canadian dollar is in the shitter right now).  There's also a chance at three upgrade dolls, 5 WClub Exclusive dolls (2 FR, 2 Poppy Parkers, which is an increase, and 1 Jem doll), plus all the first-to-know perks that you get from getting WClub emails.  And believe me, if you love Integrity dolls, or want to start collecting them, you need that first-to-know info because dolls sell out FAST.

You can sign up at the following link until February 16th at Noon Eastern Time.  And Integrity is prompt with that date, so don't be late!:

Now for the most important thing, and the reason you'd join a doll club in the first place - THE DOLLS!  And this year, I want all three.  Well, shit.  My New Year's resolution was to buy less dolls and focus more on clothes for the ones that I've got, but that might be thrown right out the window with these three lovely dolls.  I have to wait until the end of the month to pay for my membership, so it will give me some time to think about it.  Each doll adds 25 dollars onto your 50 for the membership, and the balance on each is due approximately in the summer, since the upgrade dolls are made to order.

Take Me On Vanessa:

Gorgeous doll.  And she's my least fave of the three!  I'll probably still get her because she's just so pretty, and I love the design of her blouse.  I think this might be my fave eye screening of Vanessa 3.0 yet!

Ma Petite Fleur Poppy Parker:

Poppy's making an album - because she's Poppy and she does whatever she wants!  This doll is so pretty and coquettish that I'm pretty certain that I'll order her.  Love the eyes!

Be Daring Imogen:

omg IMOGEN!  I love Imogen and I'm sooooooo glad she's back!  Love her portfolio and skull jewelry.  She's everything!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Camilla (Brazen Beauty Natalia)

I spent 10 minutes trying to think of something to write here, but I've come up blank.  Does anyone even read these anyway?

Shirt - My Mom
Skirt - Pretty Pleats Silkstone
Earrings - Fashion Royalty
Sunglasses - Barbie

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Siobhan (She Means Business Veronique)

I sold this girl once upon a time, and I'm glad that I have her back.  When I sell dolls, I do it so quickly so I can't change my mind, that sometimes I regret the decision (most of the time...)

Pants - Clear Lan
Hat, Shirt, Bikini Top - Barbie Top Model Resort
Bracelet - Barbie Basics Fashion Pack
Earrings - Lead Singles Eden