Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate: Wallpaper Pack 7 (Momiji, Kokoro, Rachel)

Here's some more images.  I'm totally posting them while I'm crying over the episode of The Golden Girls where Dorothy gets married and leaves.  Yes, all my medication has made me a horrible sap.

Kokoro - Costume 2 (Cherry Blossoms)

Kokoro has really been cementing herself in my heart.  She kicked other girls out of my top 5, and is solidly on the podium with Christie and Helena.  I'm known for loving villains and evil characters (hence why Christie is my fave....) and angsty characters (why Helena is my second fave....), but sometimes I do just like *nice* characters.  Kokoro is just plain nice.  And I do love her story with Helena about them being half-sisters.  Kokoro is like 'Elegance Jr.'  She's not quite as elegant as Helena yet, but she's getting there.  I'd love to see Kokoro go to live with Helena, and become total besties with Marie Rose, who is apparently Helena's maid.

Momiji - Costume 1 (Purifying Flame)

Momiji is a character that I'm really kind of ambivalent to.  I don't dislike her, and I think she's quite pretty with her amber eyes, but I know like *zero* about her.  I haven't played the Ninja Gaiden games that she's been in.  I'm VERY behind on my video gaming.  When you suffer from depression, all your hobbies fall by the wayside.  I'm sure I can pick them up from Amazon super-cheap, though.  So, she's unfortunately kind of like a blank slate to me.

Rachel - Costume 4 (Purple Blossom)

I love Rachel.  I remember I once had the statue put out of her by Kotobukiya.  I had to sell it because I needed money, and to declutter, but I've always liked Rachel.  She's really tough, but is still good at her core.  And I love her brawler style of fighting.  She's just so punishing, and I love that she looks GIGANTIC next to all the other girls.  It's an optical illusion because of her big heels and the fact she stands up straight, while most of the other girls have bent knees, but I love it.

S is for Sasha

Sasha is the magic user in my superhero team, the Second Stringers.  She's kind of an interesting character in the fact that I don't know if I like her (as a character - the doll I love).  She's actually a bit homophobic, and very conservative, which isn't really me.  But, it's an important part of my story.  You can't always have characters that you necessarily like to propel a story.  Sasha is also the only member of the Second Stringers who is also being considered for the The Prime, the Justice League or Avengers of the world, where the big heroes fight.  So, she's actually beginning to leave the Second Stringers.  They've been her home for so long that it's scary to her, but at the same time, she does strive for more, and has never agreed with Bianca's religious choices.  Will The Prime be all that Sasha thinks it is?

Jacket - Barbie Best Models Monte Carlo
Skirt - World On A String Eugenia
Scarf - RFB Designs by Peggy
Bracelets - Fashion Royalty
Earrings - Unknown

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate: Wallpaper Pack 6 (Tina, Phase 4, Marie Rose, Ayane, Helena, Sarah)

I'm back with some Dead Or Alive wallpapers.  I keep waffling back and forth between just posting them on Facebook, and making a blog post here.  Maybe because I wondered if anyone was checking them here (REMEMBER TO RIGHT CLICK AND OPEN IN NEW WINDOW TO VIEW FULL-SIZE).  Maybe I was also wondering if it seemed like spam on a doll blog, but it's my fucking blog, so I shouldn't feel guilty about what I put on here.... right?  I do really hope that my non-doll posts are actually being read by some of the doll people.  But, judging by the page views, even doll people don't read the doll posts sometimes.  Ugh.  *deep breath*  Okay, okay.  Do not judge yourself by the views on your blog, or the fact that nobody ever comments, Kate.

Ayane - Costume 3 (Violet Swallowtail)

This is Ayane's 'signature' look, back when she first appeared in DOA2.  I think she kinda looks like a giant present since the obi is a bit much, but up close, the fabric is really nice.  Yes, I zoom in on the chest not to look at the boobs, but because that's the best place where you can see the texture of the fabric because their boobs are so huge.

Helena - Costume 5 (Madame Butterfly)

Since Helena's the prima donna opera star of the group, I'm going to be naming a lot of her costumes after operas.  She's also my second fave character.  She and Christie are very cemented in their place on my list of fave girls from top to bottom.  After that though, it's a log jam with a huge number of the girls being with hairs of each other on who I like more.  Sometimes it just depends on the mood I'm in.  Then there's the third tier, where there are the girls I like less, but I don't really hate any of them.

Lisa - Costume 1 (Mariposa en Fuego)

It's totally, totally coincidence that all the costumes have been butterfly-related titles thus far.  Lisa is known as La Mariposa when she's being a luchadora.  I like Lisa a lot, but apparently Team Ninja doesn't give a shit about her, since she never gets costumes when all the other girls do.  Same with Christie.  A maid DLC pack just came out, and the only DOA girls who didn't get costumes are of course some of my faves - Lisa, Christie, and Rachel.

Marie Rose - Costume 4 (The Collector)

I love 'The Collector'.  It's one of my fave horror movies.  I didn't like the sequel 'The Collection' as much because it went way too action-y, and the dude who played The Collector in the second one was a stunt guy, so he seemed way more brutish than creep-ass mouth breather like he was in the first movie.  That was one of the more unsettling parts for me, and I really liked that since I so rarely get scared by anything, really.  The last time I was scared was when I was playing Dead Space 1... back when it first came out.  That's a long time ago.

Phase 4 - Costume 1 (M.I.S.T. Borne)

I'm liking Phase 4 more and more.  I still am just like "oh yay.... another Kasumi clone" *sarcasm*, but I actually think she has a more interesting backstory than Kasumi.  Kasumi, while she's the flagship character for the series, is definitely not my fave.  She's way too obsessed with her brother for it to be categorized as 'interesting' rather than 'creepy'.

Sarah - Costume 2 (Virtua Obsidian)

Doesn't she look like Astrid from "How To Train Your Dragon"?????  DOESN'T SHE??

Tina - Costume 5 (Texas Gold)

Oil, that is.  Anyone younger than 40 might not get that reference.  The core fanbase of Dead Or Alive definitely is younger than 40.  I feel like a super old fart when I realize most of the gaming communities are full of people who are still in high school.