Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gretchen (Modern Comeback Veronique)

Before I put up this post, I wondered if I should even bother continuing to keep a blog.  Like, what the fuck is the point, I asked myself.  But, that's the depression monster talking.  It's hard to ignore it, though.  Unless you know depression personally, you can't really understand how hard something like typing words can be.  It's just so... UGH.  You don't WANT to, and you have to force yourself to do something that you do as naturally as breathing on a normal basis, and it ACHES you to do it.  Logically, I know that it's stupid, and it's just a simple task, and I love my dolls, but logic and emotion are parallel lines to each other.  They never intersect, and emotion is strong enough to put logic in its shadow.

But, here we have Gretchen, a doll I got from my fab, fab, fab friend Kimberley.  She's always there for me when I need to talk, and she also lets me  put dolls on layaway for an extended period of time.  I'll be getting a couple of new dolls from her in the next couple of weeks (they'll be from my pre-order list on the right - go ahead and guess which two!).

Hat: Exclusive Interview Dania (crushed down)
Dress - Kolkmann Kreations
Corset - Night Warrior Vanessa
Bracelets - Fashion Royalty
Necklace - Unknown
Earrings - Vice Kyori

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Valentina (Intimate Reveal Agnes)

The gem from last year's convention.  I'm so glad that I actually own her, because now I don't have to worry about ever affording Silver Zinger Agnes (probably one of the biggest Integrity Holy Grails out there).  I've considered taking her hair down, but I really like the gold clip that's in it, and I don't know how easy it is to put back on if I do take it down.  If anyone has taken down this doll's hair, lemme know about the clip!

Hat - Frank Sinatra Barbie
Jacket - RFB Designs By Peggy
Earrings - City Prowl Eugenia
Scarf - Barbie Basics Accessory Pack

Monday, March 23, 2015

Face Off 08x10 - Super Selfie


I'm WAYYYYYY behind in updating this, I know.  The Depression Monster strikes again.  So, today we're kind of doing a throwback Spotlight Challenge.  They did something like this in Season 1, where they had to put makeup on themselves to fool a loved one.  But this time they're not going with a subtle, realistic makeup.  They're creating a superhero version of themselves.  So, they'll all be sculpting on their own life casts, and they each make fun of how their face looks in the stone.

Once again, Stephanie is at a loss as to what to do conceptually.  She's falling really behind as the others get to laying some clay down.  Anthony gets to spend a lot of time with Ben, since Ben's the only member of his team left.  Ben's going the supervillain route, and he's using his army background as backstory.  He used to be a helicopter mechanic, so he's making a cyborg type character who was in a helicopter crash.  Logan's going a dragon/man route, and while the sculpt looks good, it's got a mask, and he's gotta be careful in paint so that it doesn't turn out to look like a Ninja Turtle.  Adam's going a fun route with a clumsy anime-style character with big cannons on his hands.  Darla is doing kind of a valkyrie look, having taken some inspiration from the filigree at the Herald Examiner building, which has an awesome lobby.  Emily is going for kind of a Mother Nature sort of thing with a big-ass wig.  Julian's doing a demon, and Stephanie... still doesn't know what she's doing.  She's got a concept down of a black and white, graphic novel kinda character, but still doesn't know what to do with the face.  Emily decides to test out some paint schemes on herself, and mannnn.... that Kryolon stuff goes on FAST.  It's pretty cool.

On Day 2, Emily finishes her face pretty quickly and molds it.  However, she can't use foam latex because she's allergic (I assume she's allergic to the latex part of it), so she is going to use gelatin.  HOWEVER AGAIN, the gelatin does not set properly, so she's going to have to do silicone, and doesn't have much experience with it.  So she's nervous.  Laura's also nervous for Julian because she's not exactly the fastest sculptor, so she gives him a quick lesson in speed sculpting.  Logan decides that he wants to make a pair of wings for his dragon man, so ghetto-rigs it up and puts some cheese cloth on it to resemble skin.  After he latexes it, it actually looks like leathery skin.  Adam gets to making his giant cannon arms, and decides to way over-the-top, and makes them out of buckets.  It fits the silly nature of his character.

On Application Day, they all have makeup assistants to help them apply everything (because it's really hard to apply a prosthetic all by yourself ON yourself).  The edges of Emily's silicone piece turned out great, so she's happy.  Ben also jokes about having to get a bald cap on (ha).  Everyone's really focusing on pre-painting right now.  Stephanie's paint is starting to go really muddy, so she's in trouble.  In Last Looks, Emily starts to realize that her Mother Nature character isn't really superhero at all, and she's suddenly very nervous.

Here are the Final Looks:

Looks great!  Didn't go Ninja Turtle at all!

The paint is nice, but my personal tastes are just kinda 'meh' on this one.  It doesn't really feel 'superhero' to me.

She's in trouble.  With a minimalist makeup, you need to be flawless in execution (Corrine from Season 6 was a perfect example of that), but this is definitely not flawless.

I liked this one in concept, but it fell down in execution.  Darla agrees that the face is lacking a certain something.  The cowl is pretty, though.

I love this one.  I thought that Ben did a fantastic job on it, and it's definitely creepy.  I was really surprised that it was only safe, though.

Soooo pretty in the face - fell down in the hair and costume.  They agree that it's not superhero, so she's in trouble.

It's soooooo anime.  Looks great, and you can tell that Adam is having a blast portraying this character.

So, we have Todd McFarlane as a guest judge (creator of Spawn for those very few people who don't know who he is), and they like Logan and Adam's creations the best.  So, someone from Team Rayce is going to win.  And it's Logan.  Both were good and very different, so I was undecided on who would win.

The bottom looks were Stephanie and Emily, so Laura was definitely going to lose somebody.  Stephanie is the one that gets sent home, and I called that one.  While Emily's wasn't really superhero, the face paint was very pretty.  The judges warn her not to keep doing huge wigs, though.  So now Laura is down to 3 contestants.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Berenice: Blood Lines Tatyana

I know, I know... AGAIN.  I've been just terrible about updating images about my dolls.  Maybe when I get my lottery winners, Entice Kesenia and My Desire Isha ITBE, I'll have some sort of new vigor about my dolls.  I think it's the weather, because I can barely get on the porch, let alone get out there to take pictures.  The snow drift in front of our kitchen window is so high that we can't see the cars.  Normally I like winter, but this is just too much fucking snow, and there's more coming.  ARGH.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I do have some pictures to post of Berenice, a girl that I stupidly sold when I first got her, and was glad to get her again.

Jacket - Breaking The Mold Veronique
Top - Heat Seeker Natalia
Purse - Exaggeration Monogram
Necklace - Vivid Encounter Adele

Friday, March 13, 2015

Harley: The Great Pretender Lillith

*sigh*  I'm so terrible at updating about my dolls lately.  Because of the snow, I still haven't been able to take pictures, so my interest in my dolls seems to have waned, much like my interest in everything else.  I could also be in a depression slump.  But, I DID win My Desire Isha and Entice Kesenia ITBE dolls, so I'll be getting some more new blood soon.  Maybe that will spark something.  I haven't gotten to the point where I want to sell my dolls or anything - I just find it hard to care about much of anything, including them.  I should really set some time aside for redressing.

Here's a girl that I always have fun redressing - Harley.  In my world, she's part of the all female, all blonde industrial band Frauline.  She's best friends with Nadine (the founder and drummer), and plays the lead guitar.

Dress - Stardolls
Vest - Nu.Fantasy The Beast
Jewelry - MiniBarbie

WClub Announcement - Lin-Z Pierce from Jem And The Holograms!

The WClub members received two emails yesterday with new releases, and this gal was the second of the two.  She's Lin-Z Pierce, the VJ who was a recurring character on Jem.  She's an IT Direct Exclusive, and will cost $125.  There will be a $25 deposit on her.  The link will go live on March 19th at Noon Eastern.  She also uses the Rapture face sculpt.

WClub Announcement - Color Infusion Capsule Collection!

WClub members received two emails yesterday about new products.  One featured this trio of Color Infusion ladies.  This release is significant in the fact that Color Infusion hasn't been sold through dealers before (besides the Saturday Night Fever giftset - but that was more licensed than Color Infusion).  WClubbers could pre-order these dolls before the general public.  Each has an edition size of 500, and sells for $100 plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Nyasha Lauder:

They called this capsule collection 'Color Infusion Leading Ladies'.  This gal reminds me a lot of Beyonce, and I know I'm not the only one, since I saw a couple comments about it on the WClub forums.  Nyasha is my fave of the bunch, and I almost went in for her, but finding a body match might be kind of hard in FR or FR2, so that's why I passed.  She uses Shana's face from the Jem line.

Jacqueline O'Rion:

So, if Nyasha was Beyonce, this gal could be Kylie Minogue.  She's a 'new' character to Color Infusion, meaning that she hasn't been revealed as a character before, but her face is one of the Jem characters.  The description didn't say which one, though.  The majority believes it's Synergy.

Zara Wade:

I really dig this girl, too.  But like Nyasha, it would be hard to find a body match for a swap.  Even harder, since Light Honey is a rarer skintone.  She uses Stormer's face mold, and I LOVE her outfit.  I might try to get the fashions on the secondary market.