Friday, August 1, 2014

I is for Isha

Okay, back to the alphabet!

This is one of those pics that I had to take quickly since I didn't have a redress for a girl whose name started with I that hadn't already been posted.  I wish there had been more Ishas with this screening.  Maybe someday they'll release a special doll (maybe at this year's convention as an IT direct doll or something... if they ever announce the convention email...)

Yeah, still haven't heard about convention.  It's bordering between comical that it's a month late, and between worrying.  Obviously they're not going to cancel the convention, since that would be a huge, HUGE disaster.  Like, Chapter 11 level of disaster.  But, there's obviously something going on with production or something else behind the scenes, and that concerns me, just as a fan of this company.

Anyway, here's the shots of Isha that I threw together.

Romper - Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence
Jacket - Liv
Necklace - My Melody Barbie
Earrings - Exaggeration Monogram
Shopping Bag - Frau.E

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Modified, Fashion Exploring Yvette

So, my Fashion Explorer Vanessa came today - and OF COURSE I had to pay customs on it.  There was actually a postal carrier there who just happened to overhear me bitching about always getting hit with customs, and he pointed out that it's supposed to be random.  What, have I been parcelly profiled or something??

So, I paid my customs and released Fashion Explorer from her paper and ribbon coffin.  I knew that there were things I wanted to adjust on her even before I got her, just seeing other peoples' photos.  The first thing I wanted to change was her eyes, since she looked kind of sleepy/drunk, so I painted the black.  I love really, really black eyes.  I also loosened the forelock that was plastered to her head, to break up some of her high forehead.  I have experience trying to break up a panorama forehead, because that is my life.

Her hair is a gorgeous mink color, and I adore the outfit.  It's got tons of mix and match pieces.  I find the purse a little big and unwieldy, though.  You could smuggle a child in that thing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Face Off 07x02 - American Gangster


Okay, so we get to our first 'real' episode.  The 14 people who get to stay in the house are properly stoked about how awesome it is.  I wouldn't want to know the person who stuck their nose up at that house.  It's so awesome.  This is the first time too that I think we've seen a really good shot of the kitchen - it's really awesome.  I watch a lot of shows like Love It Or List It and The Property Brothers, so cool kitchens are becoming something I love seeing.  Even though I don't cook.  I CAN cook.  I just really don't like doing it.  I'm sooooo not domestic.

Anyway, after a mass jump into the pool fully clothed, we go to the next day and the gang is at Universal Studios on their 1920's New York street, complete with awesome vintage cars.  McKenzie's standing next to what looks like a mini open-air market, and nobody gets it.  Turns out, it's a Dick Tracy kinda challenge, where they'll use the colorful nicknames of old timey gangsters to create some over-the-top Dick Tracy gangster.  That's a pretty cool challenge, especially considering some of the weird items that McKenzie is standing next to.  I'd hate to be the badass crime boss whose nickname was Bananas.  "You're gonna be sleeping with the bananas" just doesn't have the same ring.

So, they get paired off and choose items representing nicknames.  Gwen and Drew choose the shark jaw.  Rachel and Vince choose the old fashioned typewriter.  Doc and Stella choose needles.  Barry and Sasha choose the clock (which will become a big issue later on).  George and Cig choose the giant plastic (at least I hope, or else it would REEK) tuna.  My girl Dina and Jason choose peanuts - another stupid nickname that I totally wouldn't want as a gangster.  Keaghlan and Damian choose the truck.  I'm gonna be confusing Drew and Damian up for a couple more weeks, I think.  They look kind of alike and their names both start with D.

Right off the bat, Barry and Sasha are having issues, since Barry wants to go a bit more obscure and make a rat, since their Tick-Tock Tannenbaum dude was a rat who snitched out other gangsters when he got arrested.  But, they're not really embracing the challenge.  Sasha really wants to make essentially Cogsworth from Beauty And The Beast, and her concept isn't 'gangster' enough for Barry, but he's going to have that thought bite him in the ass.

The drawing for the shark guy looks AWESOME, and I can't wait to see that one.  It's so totally Dick Tracy, and also even has a Batman villain vibe to it.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept that Vince and Rachel have for The Typewriter.  He's also very much in the vibe of a Batman villain (Zsasz to be exact), where he has the names of his victims typewritten into his flesh, and his brass knuckles are keys from a typewriter!  I'm pretty worried for my babe Dina - they're doing a Mr. Peanut type looking head.

Sasha and Barry are in more trouble because Michael Westmore is like 'WTF' when he finds out that they don't have anything to do with the clock.  Sasha just wanted to work well in a team and trusted Barry - big mistake.  It never works out when one partner just rolls over and dies on a concept if they're not on board with it.

Oh good, the stupid molding speed-up.  Hopefully that's the only time we'll see it this season.  I mean, I get it if this is the first time you're seeing Face Off, but there are some seasons where they show it all the damn time.  They also kind of have new background music that REALLY reminds me of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.  In Day 2, there's lots of molding happening, and Dina and Jason are in trouble with a locked and cracking mold.  We also see the first example of the awesome teamwork that I love on this show.  Vince and Rachel have to clean their mold out with not much time left, and since they're The Typewriter team, their mold would be very hard to clean out with all the lettering, so everyone in the lab is helping them clean it out in time.  I so, so, so love it about this show.

In application and last looks, Rachel and Vince feel really far behind, and Doc and Stella - who are doing Needles - are having issues with their cowl edge.  Stella decides to cut it and just make a hard line, but it ends up looking wonky, and she admits to 'screwing the pooch' on it.  Dina and Jason's peanut has serious issues with air pockets and bad edges and such, so they're kinda in trouble.

On the reveal stage, I love the shark and tuna dudes.  McKenzie also lets them know that the judges' immunity feature is back, which is good.  We probably won't see it until much later on though, because the judges would want to know who deserves it over time.  I also like the oxidized, rusted paint job on Keaghlan and Damian's mack truck dude.  Sasha and Barry's paint job looks awful, and you do not get 'bomb damage' from it AT ALL.  The Peanut is bad - none of the skintones match, and I'm worried for Dina.  It would suck if my choice for this year went out in the first week.  With Stella and Doc's hard edge - it actually kind of looks cool, like a stylized hair line.

Keaghlan and Damian (I typed Drew and had to change it - that's gonna happen to me a few times I think), and Gwen and Drew are safe.  Lame that the shark guy isn't in the top.  I liked him much better than the Needles dude.  Needles is a top look, but they have issues with it, so it's kind of a weird choice.  Not saying that it sucks, but it's kind of a polarizing top look.  Cig and George get high praise for their Big Tuna, rightly so.  They worked really good together, and it shows.  He's the 'catch of the day', according to Lois.  Rachel and Vince are also on the top with The Typewriter.  The judges comment on the flat-ish paint job, but they LOVE the concept.

Now for the bottom looks - of course, Barry and Sasha with their rat.  They hate the concept, but love the bomb.  Dina and Jason also get ripped up for their different skintones and how it looks like Mr. Peanut.

Cig and George are the one true top look, and Cig wins because he was the one who did the fat suit, which distributed the weight below the face perfectly.  Cig is the winner.  Then, we have Barry, Sasha, Dina, and Jason on the bottom.  Nooooo, not Dina!  When I was watching it live, I guessed that Barry would be going home because it was his concept that veered so away from the challenge.  And I was right!  Barry is going home.  It always sucks to be eliminated so early, since you don't get a chance to show your work.

Poppy, reporting for duty!

Still not following the alphabet... I do know how it goes, I swear!  Poor Poppy.  She came the same day as me two FR:16 girls, and she kind of got a little ignored.  Or a lot ignored.  But, she's still really pretty and awesome!

One thing though, is that as soon as I touched her eyelashes to bring them up out of her eyes, they fell off.  I only totally used a teensy bit of pressure.  I wonder if it's because it was so damn humid all during her travels from my dealer to my house.  It's something I could contact Patient Care about, but again.... sending the doll all the way across the border at my own expense, and then maybe getting nailed with customs when she comes back with eyelashes that don't make or break the doll for me, anyway.

I know there are people who love to have the eyelashes and hair pristine, and that's totally okay (there is no collecting shaming here - it's your money, do what you want with it), but I'm not that picky.  A lot of my girls have kind of smushed up eyelashes from the many times they've been redressed and played with and taken outside for pictures.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lovely Elsa

Heyyyyy, that's not the next letter in the alphabet!!!  Whoa, whoa.  Something just isn't right here!!!!!!

This lovely doll arrived yesterday along with Platinum Society Hanne and Agent Lotta Danger Poppy.  There was some concern about her eye makeup before I got her.  The highlight shade just under her brow was a very subtle, pale color in the promo, but the production doll's was very white in photos that people took.  It didn't look as bad in real life (the camera picks up that stuff hardcore), but I still decided to adjust it a little.  My original plan was to remove the white band with acetone, but I knew that once I got in there, I would just fuck up her whole face, so instead I colored over the white band with a tan colored pencil.  It looks a lot nicer, and I didn't have to worry about accidentally wiping off her entire gorgeous face.

Her hair is incredible.  The bigger girls don't has as much product in their hair, so the bounciness of Elsa's hair is how it came right out of the box.  She originally also had black lace going down the side of her dress, but I removed that because I found it distracting to the beauty of the dress underneath.  I don't know why, but lately I've been really obsessed with peach colored clothing.  The ruffles on the dress's skirt are so gorgeous, and just flow and layer over each other perfectly.

The one issue my Elsa has is that one of her feet is void of toenail polish.  I mean, I COULD contact patient care about it, but I'm not sending an entire big doll down across the border at my own expense just for some paint on one foot, and THEN have to pay customs when she comes back to me.  I can just paint her toes if I want to, but I don't have many open-toed big girl shoes, so it's really not going to be an issue.  Like, at all.  She's just too gorgeous.  She's the doll that I died for when the FR:16 line was first revealed.  I like Hanne more, but Elsa is a very close second.

Monday, July 28, 2014

H is for Hanne (OMGGGGGGG!)

I've been purposely saving H for a couple of days because I knew that I'd be finally getting my FR:16 girls, so I knew my most anticipated doll would be coming - Platinum Society Hanne.  When I saw other peoples' images of her, I nearly died.  She's the most beautiful doll I've seen in a while.  It took so long for Hanne (and Cosmetic Surrender Elsa) to arrive because I was holding them at my dealer for when Agent Lotta Danger Poppy Parker shipped.  That way, I could save a few bucks.  You'll be seeing both those girls int he next couple of days.

When I opened the box for Hanne, I just stared at her for a while.  There is so much delicate, character detail in her face.  She really is a winner, and if the year ended today, she'd be my top doll of 2014.  The convex eyes with the gloss paint instead of using just paint to get eye shine is awesome.  It really moves the FR:16 line to another level of quality - their eyes almost look inset like a BJD, and they look far more expensive than they actually were.

The only thing is that I wish Hanne's fur stole was longer for more wrapping possibilities, but that's like one teeny fault in an otherwise glorious doll.  She will be my new Queen, standing head and shoulders (literally) over the rest of my collection.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Remember When I Did TV Posts???? (Face Off Season 7, Ep. 1 - Life And Death)



Double SPOILER alert for those who can't read Spoilers the first time.  I saw a thing on spoilers where it was the rule of 2.  Two weeks for a movie, two days for a TV episode, and after that, it's up to your own power to avoid spoilers.  I thought that was a great rule.  If you want to wait until the end of the season to watch a whole season?  Then you should tread the internet carefully.

Anyway, my second fave show started up this Tuesday - Face Off.  Hannibal is #1 in my heart, but that doesn't start until next year.  (REALLY?????).

The episode started out with them going to the Vivianna Center (used to be a church), and half the room was decorated all white and pretty, and the right side of the room was all rotting and black.  McKenzie informed us that this season is all about life and death - and that this was their last audition.  Well, shit.  She's already fucking with them right out of the gate.  They have four hours in which to win their place on the show, with two of them not even getting to move into the house.  THAT blows.  Even if I was the first one off the show, you better believe I'd be using that lap pool they have in their yard that first day.

We're introduced to a lot of people as they scramble to try and get either life or death.  It involves a pile of men on the floor (sounds a lot hotter than it actually was).  This is the time of the season where it's hard to keep people straight.  They're all super nervous, and I don't envy them trying to win a spot on the show in which is essentially a Foundation challenge.  They don't get the three days to make something more involved, so you know we're going to see some rough ones.

Some of the more memorable people thus far are Cig Neutron, Dina, Kealeghn (I don't think I spelled that right), and Doc.  Cig because of his name, and because his hat has a little head on it, and on the reveal stage, he's wearing some sort of old-timey aviator's hat with horns and shit.  Okay, he's the kooky one.  Dina because she was a cake decorator.  I didn't need to hear anything after CAKE.  Kealaghn of the hard to spell name because not only is her hair an azure blue, but so are her eyebrows, and Doc because not only does he have big spikey hair, but I guess he's tried out for every season of Face Off thus far.  And never made it until now.  I wonder if there's a reason for that.

So, they're all frantically working to find a concept around a piece that they're given.  Some of them want to use whatever face piece or other pre-made prosthetic they're given in different ways.  Some of the ideas in this field are okay.  Some are shit.  Like an older bald dude named Scott.  He was in the pile on the floor when the mad dash started.  A blonde girl named Sasha gets a cyborg-like gear forehead, but decides to use it on the model's hand because she has another concept of Raven Maven (which is the stage name of a friend of mine as well!), a crow-like guardian of a graveyard.

While they're working, McKenzie tells them to stop and come to her.  Now she's just being sadistic, but I'd crawl on the floor if McKenzie beckoned me.  I love that woman.  So, now they have to add another piece (that's been chosen for them already) to their makeups, which is URGH.  It's going to make shitty makeups even shittier, and is going to frig with some peoples' concepts.  But, the blow is softened by a special guest that has EVERYONE geeking out, even McKenzie.  ROBERT FUCKING ENGLUND!  When he kisses McKenzie's hand, she looks like she's going to pee her pants, which is awesome.  It just reminds me even more that she's not just a pretty face, like many reality TV hosts.  She does know about makeup, and studied it before getting into acting under her father's tutelage.  But she also geeks out about guests and stuff.

So, after 4 hours, time's up.  Some of the makeups are really, really awesome.  Like Dina of the cake decorating, Keaghlan of the blue hair, and Vincent, a guy who actually won an Emmy under Michael Westmore for Deep Space Nine.  That's pretty awesome.  I wonder if Mr. Westmore will remember him?  Sasha, who used her gear forehead on the hand as jewelry, actually has a piece that turned out really well.

Bald-headed Scott definitely makes the roughest, shittiest piece.  It's got a REALLY cool helmet with this spikey scythe thing coming out the top, but he was on the Life side, and it looks like a REALLY REALLY bad Haunted House makeup.  Another one who has a really bad one is an older lady named Gabby.  She shoehorned a concept into what they were given, and of course it didn't work out.  That never works.  A guy with really red long hair named Jason has one where he put giant chipmunk cheeks on it, and it looks really lopsided.  It's not popular with Glenn and Neville.  Ve is not there because she's on the set of Mockingjay.

So, after Glenn and Neville look at all the models, they said that all the contestants will have to go back to their hotel and wait until tomorrow on the reveal stage to find out who's won and lost.  Okay, I officially feel sorry for all these people right now.  I don't think many of them got much sleep.  Hopefully they at least got put up in a luxury hotel after all the 'over a barrel' action they had to suffer through.

So, Ve joins them the next day, but she's not going to be around much because of Mockingjay, so they're bringing on a new judge, who is also an Oscar winner - Lois, who won her Oscar for Braveheart.  She has a silver and iron bob that if it were black, she'd look like Edith Head, or Edna from The Incredibles.  She's even got the glasses.  But she has a no-nonsense British accent, unlike Edna.

So, Dina the cake decorator wins with a pretty wood sprite.  She put these water-like veins on it by piping paint through a make-shift icing bag.  That's thinking on your feet.  Blue K (I'm just gonna call her that for now because I keep misspelling her name), and Sasha are also on the top, along with Vincent.  I love his.  He got rib bones as his second item, and he used them line antennae.

On the bottom is Scott of course, and before they can even talk about more looks after his, he gets booted off.  Ouch.  Gabby also gets booted off.  Not a good season for the older folks, huh?  But, Doc made it.  So I guess he doesn't have to worry about trying out for Season 8.  He's only 24, so I imagine he must have started trying out really young.

After the first episode, I always try to pick my horse in this race.  I think mine is going to be CAKE LADY Dina.  Because CAKE.  And because hers was awesome.  Apparently she quit her job before coming on the show, so it's good that she didn't unceremoniously get booted off.

I also try to choose El Douche, which is a harder choice.  Sometimes peoples' dickheadedness doesn't come out until much later.  In season 3 with Joe, that was a gimme, but with so many faces, and so little screentime for most of them, it's hard to choose.  I usually give myself two or three eps to choose a person to wish off the show.