Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jem And The Holograms: On Stage Collection!

If you're a Jem fan, this line is a wet dream.  I love Jem the cartoon, but I stopped collecting the dolls because they didn't fit into my collection.  It's really cool to see fashions that weren't produced before.  Also, each box is like a cardboard Backstage Set.  It's damn cool.

Rock N' Roll Royalty Riot:

I don't collect the guys, but that red coat is so damn awesome.  His clothes are REALLY well done, and very accurate to the show.  He's also got a more tanned skintone to match the show more.  Riot had quite the tan back when people didn't worry about skin cancer.

The Bands Break Up Stormer:

Here's a shot of what the Backstage Box looks like.  And though I just said I don't collect Jem dolls anymore, I'm REALLY tempted to get Stormer because The Bands Break Up was always my fave episode of the show, and Kimber/Stormer was the first lesbian couple that I ever shipped, before I even knew what slash or 'shipping or even lesbianism was.  All I knew was that I thought they were cute when they were together, and I wanted them to kiss and hold hands.

The Bands Break Up Kimber:

(See above).  If I do get these two, I may do some slight tweaks to the makeup to make them softer and fit more in with my collection (But not too soft!)  I'm worried about not getting Kimber because Bad Kimber is something that pretty much EVERY Jem collector has wanted.

Designing Woman Pizzazz:

I'm also considering getting Pizzazz.  She was my fave character in the show, and I'd also soften up her makeup if I did get her.  She actually comes with a second head - the second of the two is made to resemble a Hasbro prototype of Wave 3 Pizzazz that was going to be released before the Jem line got cancelled.  This 'watch' outfit is my second fave of Pizzazz's (with Take A Hike Jack being first).  All those watches are really, realllyyyyyy tempting.  I think the watches they did for the Premiere convention were the best idea for an accessory in an long time for the female dolls.

Riot is actually available right away, but the ladies will ship in late summer.

The Industry Preview Doll: Lady Stardust Tulabelle!

omg omg omg, I was waiting, dying, for this line to be shown.  It kinda sucks that we only get to see one doll for now.  The one doll that we see is awesome as hell though.  Makes me really excited to see what the rest of the line is going to look like, and what faces her friends will have.  Will they be existing sculpts, or all new?  I don't know, I don't know...  But I do know that I couldn't pre-order this girl fast enough.

Poppy Parker: The Bon Bon Collection!

So, we've gotten our first big reveal of the year, and it's Poppy Parker!  This collection is all about her going to Paris to model.  Each doll will be released in late Summer/early Autumn.  I liked all the dolls in the collection, so it was tough for me to choose which couple to get.

Bonjour Mademoiselle Poppy Parker:

Train case!  I almost got this girl (and I can still see myself caving).  I love her face.

Powder Puff Poppy Parker:

Now, this doll will be available via a lottery sometime in the late Summer, which bummed a lot of folks out.  It's always the lottery dolls that are the most beloved.  I'm not too nuts on the frothy pinoire, but I do like the color, and I love Poppy's face even better.  She's so sultry yet natural with her makeup palette.

Tres Chic Boutique Poppy Parker:

Even though I like this girl, she's maybe my least fave in the collection.  Love the shoes though.

Night At The Ballet Poppy Parker:

This one seems the most French to me for some reason.  Just something about her hair and the dress screams French 60's actress.

C'est Si Bon Poppy Parker:

I really like this girl, but I was sadly put on the wait list for her from my dealer.  Part of me hopes I don't get her because it will save me money, but she's just so darn cute.

Paris In The Springtime Poppy Parker:

She comes with a poodle!  A poodle named Phoebe!  I snatched this girl up.  I love her dark hair and pale eyes.

Magnifique Poppy Parker:

I'm dead.  I'm fucking dead.  LOVE HER.  This is my fave gal of the bunch.  I can't resist purple eyeshadow.  I also really like the gown.  I know, I know.  Me, a gown person now?  I've just been feeling them lately.

Miss Amour Poppy Parker:

Speaking of dolls that fucking slayed me, OMG.  I even like the gown on this one, too!  BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT.... she's a lottery doll that should be available sometime in the summer.  I'm going to try for her, but I don't want to get too attached to the idea of owning her, since that lottery is going to be insane.