Friday, October 24, 2014

6 Days To Go (with Sebina, the newest girl here!)

Only 6 days!  Once we get to Sunday, I think there will be no containing my excitement.  I'll have to plan things to occupy my time so it will seem to go faster.  Eeeeee.

With such a short time to go, I got a small dolly fix today in the form of Mistress Of Disguise Loni.  A new doll always soothes the sting of having to wait for more dolls, LOL.

This is also my first Quick Switch doll, and I have to say I'm not a fan.  I had to try various things just to keep her head on.  It was off when I opened the box.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gracepoint 01.04


We start off with the phone number found in Danny's jacket belonging to Ivan Pearson.  As Carver is going on about not talking to the press at all, Chloe stops by the police station to talk to Ellie about her boyfriend and the drugs.  She doesn't want this to ruin his life because Dean's trying to get his GED and go to college.

Beth doesn't confront Mark about what she saw at the Inn, but rather makes some passive-aggressive comment about him setting his mom up at the Inn.  She then goes for a run.  Mark doesn't know Ivan, and wants to know if he's a suspect (yeah, tell the hothead who the suspects are...).  Rhinehold knows Ivan - he was the hiker.

Carver also goes to see Creepy Dog Lady to give back the keys, and she still makes herself look more and more guilty with evading questions.  Ellie and Carver then go to question Dean, and Carver asks if she's optimistic because the two leads are about people who don't live in Gracepoint (implying that she's desperate to find out that it was an outsider), but she points out that Dean grew up in Gracepoint.  When they get to the marina, Carver bitches about the ocean, and then Dean stupidly runs.  While they're chasing him, Carver has an episode.  Ellie tries to bring it up later, but of course, Carver is not the friendly, sharing type.

Meanwhile, Beth goes to see the reverend, saying that she talked to Raymond the psychic.  Before she showed up, he was setting up Danny's picture on a graph mat, most likely for the memorial, but he's kind of creepily intent on the image.  She wonders how it's different than him talking to God.  She really doesn't want to believe that Danny was killed by someone he knew, but that's the case in most murders.

After the commercials, Dean is being questioned about the cocaine, and if it had anything to do with the $500 they found.  Dean has no idea what they're talking about but gives up Mickey Felton as the guy he bought the drugs from.  Mickey says he wonders why they didn't get there sooner, because Danny was with Dean the day he bought the cocaine, and they were fighting.  So, Dean is now moving his way up the suspect list.

Creepy Dog Lady is being creepy around Vince, and they apparently know each other.  She tells him to come to dinner.  He wants nothing to do with her, but she insists they need to 'work it out'.

Raymond is approached by the Rev Paul, and Mr. Holy Roller gets all up in Raymond's face about staying away from Beth, and about how he's preying on a grieving family, and that if they need 'spiritual' guidance, they have him.  Raymond's much calmer than I would have been in that situation, and says that he's glad the Solanos have him, since he knows that the Rev and Beth used to be really close.  Oh snap.  It just seems to dig deeper because of how gently Raymond says it to him.

Dean is being questioned, and he said that he hung out with Danny sometimes because he was really lonely, and just wanted someone to hang out with.  He said that Danny once told him that nobody really knew him, knew what he thought.  Ellie points out that her son Tom was Danny's best friend, but Dean says that he never saw them together.  The day that he bought the cocaine, Dean saw Danny on the side of the road and picked him up, saying it wasn't cool that he was just walking out of town.  So he put him on the back of the bike.  He also says that the argument was about Danny stealing a crossword book and pen from the gas station when Dean filled up.

Beth is waiting for Ellie after the questioning, freaking out about if they were talking to Ivan, because she knows him.  She hates that they're not being told anything.  She says that she met Ivan at the visitor's center.  He asked about campgrounds and hunting permits.  While there, he also noticed Beth's pictures of Chloe and Danny on her desk, and said that she had a 'beautiful' family.  As if Ellie didn't have more on her plate, Owen comes to her about his mother (who is either Ellie's sister or Joe's), and that she cleaned him out financially, and hasn't been to her center in weeks.

Mark is furious about seeing the photo of Danny at the church, since he's not into God at all.  Beth says that Paul is just trying to help, and that if Mark's so against it, he should talk to Paul.  He says he wants nothing to do with the Rev, and Beth kicks him out so she can get changed, the chasm widening between the couple.  Meanwhile, in more creepy picture fondling, Paul is sitting in his room at the church, looking at a picture of him and Beth at a graduation.

Dean's let go, and Mark sees Chloe and him kissing.  She hasn't told him about them, so he's surprised.  Carver's pissed that they still can't get a search warrant for Ivan Pearson's property.  He storms out like a child, and the captain has to call him back by first and last name, just like a child again.  But, he points out that Ivan Pearson was on an anti-psychotic drug, so now the ever shifting suspect list has a new number one.

Tom, Ellie's son, goes to see Vince so he can get his skateboard fixed.  Vince starts asking all kinds of questions about the investigation, but Tom doesn't know anything (not about the investigation at least...), since he hardly ever sees his mom now. Vince asks if his mom knows that he's there. Tom says no, and Vince shuts the door to his workshop.

At the inn, Carver's looking mopey as he stares at "Julianne's Cell".  Gemma tries to have a conversation with him, but it's pretty one-sided.  She wants him to know that she's a decent person, even with what happened with Mark Solano.  Carver is just like '...okay'.  He soooo doesn't care about other people.

Tom's safe and sound at home, so it's a mystery what happened between him and Vince.  Ellie is worried about Tom and how distant he is, and she blames herself.  While Ellie gets him some ice cream, and talks to Joe about inviting Carver over for dinner, Tom goes over to Ellie's satchel, and starts searching through it.  He sees the cell phone number, and memorizes it.  He then goes and looks it up on the internet to get the address of where the number was located.

At the Solano house, Ellie and Carver show them the video of Danny stealing.  Beth won't believe it, and then everything hits the fan.  Mark points out that the guy in the video is Chloe's boyfriend, and Beth loses it about her dating a drug dealer.  They start shouting over each other, and Chloe storms off.  Mark gets pissed at the police and goes after her.  Beth is pretty distraught, but she got what she wanted, and that's the exact expression on Carver's face.

Mark goes to talk to Chloe even though she doesn't want to talk to him.  He asks if she's having sex, and she says yes.  But, she snots that she's using condoms, unlike her parents did, and that he's kind of hypocritical about getting mad about a 17 year old dating a 15 year old.  She also gets angry about her dad screwing Gemma at the inn, and that she probably cleaned the sheets afterwards.

Ellie is angry at Carver and asks if he's happy.  He says he's never happy (REALLY?!  His character never shows that.  Ever.  He's the picture of jolliness).  He says that the family got exactly what they wanted, and maybe the image of Danny needed to be shattered.  He wants to turn over every stone to find Danny's killer, and ask if that's Ellie's goal, too.  She gets all indignant, and then invites him to dinner with the most curt invite ever.

Renee shows up at Owen's house with a bottle of booze.  They talk about having problems (him with his mother), and her about leaving Gracepoint because nobody really wants her around.  Owen apparently does though, because she comes in so they can drown their sorrows together.

Creepy Dog Lady is left sitting in her trailer alone because Vince never showed up.

Mark tries to make peace with Beth and apologizes for not telling her about Chloe.  Beth feels like a fool because she spends every moment devoting herself to her family, but she doesn't know them at all.  She didn't know Danny, she doesn't know Chloe, and while she doesn't say it, she doesn't know Mark.  She makes him promise that there's nothing else that she doesn't know, but he doesn't answer right away.

We're then taken to a shot of the ocean at night, and a light in the distance.  It's a boat on fire.  Hmmm.

7 Days (Kiki Redressed)

One week....


Dress, Purse - Barbie Fashion Fever
Necklace - Castle Charms
Earrings - Lemon Crush Loni
Sunglasses - Barbie

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Face Off 07x14 - Creature Carnage


So, we're down to the Final Four.  They head to DC Studios, and wander through all kinds of different sets until they come across McKenzie in a courthouse set.  There are newspapers beside her talking about giant creatures that have destroyed cities.  So, they basically have to make a Gozilla kind of monster to stomp onto world landmarks.  Cig is so excited that he's about to explode.

Dina chooses "Mantis Preys On Paris", Cig chooses "Yeti Crab Crushes Kremlin", George chooses "Deadly Squid Destroys Dubai", and Drew picks last and goes for "Giant Sloth Slashes Shanghai".  I actually would have gone for the one that nobody chose - "Taj Terrorized By Pterodactyl".  I also love on the Pterodactyl one that the sub-heading is "Is The T-Rex next?"

Clifton Collins Jr. is the special guest, and he'll be on the reveal stage. He's been in all kinds of big monster things, like Pacific Rim.  So, all the contestants are pretty jazzed, but they're also a bit worried since making a big monster is a big amount of work.  The drawing for George's Giant Squid is really cool -we'll see if it works out.  Cig decides to go for a Yeti/Crab hybrid, rather than do a giant Yeti Crab (which is an actual kind of crab that's white and has hair protrusions on its legs).

Mr. Westmore and McKenzie come in, Mr. Westmore warns George about a tan makeup color going too muddy.  They're digging the way that Dina's direction is going.  He advises Drew to score out the neck area (which is really thick to change the head shape.  And then there's Cig - Mr. Westmore's not really digging how ape it is, and wants to see more crab.

On Day 2, George's chest piece with the beak/mouth didn't cook all the way through, so the foam is still pretty doughy,  He has to make another one out of polyfoam.  Dina's going through her checklist of all the stuff she has to make, and it's long.  Cig starts working on the creature suit, and uses couch foam to make the hump for the back, and then uses L-200 foam to layer pieces for the crab carapace look.  Dina's now working on her long Mantis pincers, and pipes some spikes on with a makeshift piping bag, and Drew is being careful with his mold, and is giving himself lots of time since he's not a really fast molder.  Drew also has to lay hair on his sloth hands.

As George is building his creature suit for the Giant Squid, he knows he's in over his head.  He really doesn't like the way it's turning out, and he's kind of feeling sick to his stomach, and that's a bad place to be in when one of you is going home.  He just has this kind of look of disgust on his face as Cig walks past.  So, he just decides to go ahead and paint it to see if he can make it better.  His paint *is* actually making it look better.  It was kind of hard to make it worse, though.

Drew doesn't have enough time to lay hair on the other sloth glove, so he decides to make a burn makeup on his character, making it a battle injury as the city is fighting against him.  But he's worried about it being silly because sloths don't exactly inspire fear.  Back at the house, they're all exhausted, and none of them are feeling in a good place about how much work they have left to do.

Application day!  George's foam came out nice, but Drew has really shitty foam.  It's got microbubbles, which kind of looks like acne scarring all over the thing.  Everyone in the lab, including George and his model, are laughing as he's trying to get in the suit. There's a hilarious shot of Matt, George's model, reading the Giant Squid newspaper, and apparently the article says that he was brought in for questioning and Matt's like "What?  I'm 3000 feet tall!!"  There's also a shot of the Mantis reading the paper, too.

Cig is working on the face, and the paint looks wicked.  Dina uses mesh to paint her eyes to give it the compound eye factor.  Drew is also not pleased with the hair on the glove, and decides to do the burn makeup on both hands because the hair work looked bad, and he doesn't want Lois to bitch him out again.  In Last Looks, Cig is also having to do the 'creature suit dance' with his model.

Okay, so for the final product we have:

Dina's Mantis:

By far the best of the bunch.  Everything is done perfectly.

Cig's Yeti Crab:

I didn't notice it until it was pointed out by the judges, but it looks very Samurai, which harkens back to the Japanese monster movies.  It's definitely good enough to get him to the finale.

George's Giant Squid:

The head is really cool, and so is the blue paint on it, but the body looks like a stuffed animal.

Drew's Giant Sloth:

The face is TOTALLY perfect as a sloth.  The burn makeup is REALLY sloppy, though.

Dina was the obvious winner.  I don't even think there was really any guessing.  She does win the challenge, and moves onto the finale.  Cig also moves on, which isn't surprising.  George and Drew both have good things and bad things about their makeups, so it was really a coin toss.  I said that Drew would get in, and my mom said that George would get in, and it's Drew!  Never guess against someone who's seen all the episodes multiple, multiple times.  (Yes, I know that that makes me sound like a giant loser - which is a correct assumption).

So, George goes home, and when Dina, Cig, and Drew come back out to the reveal stage, Clifton Collins Jr. is gone, and everything has completely changed.  Yellow lights!  Suits of armor!  McKenzie teasing about a lot of surprises that she has for them!  And it ends!  This is pretty much as close to a cliffhanger as this show gets.

8 Days (Sylvia Redressed)

So, one week from today, I will be seeing the registration packet.  I will post pics on my Flickr, and do a couple posts here a day.  Getting really anxious to see what the convention collection looks like.  I just paid my final installment yesterday, so now that's all taken care of.  I hope I like them all.

Top - Olgaomi
Pants - Nu.Fantasy The Beast
Bead Bracelet - Color Therapy Vanessa
Gold Bangle - Barbie Top Model Teresa

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

IT Direct Obsidian Culture Hanne Variants!

Man, I really hope that these variants will be for sale at the convention.  I really like the original too (when her hair is down and flowing - not a fan of the afro-ponytail), but the brunette is really calling me, too!  I think the blonde is gorgeous as well (Hanne is just so beautiful in any regard), but she reminds me of Platinum Society, whom I already own).  What other FR:16 surprises will be at convention?  I hope lots more, like a return of Freja!!!!

Both are available from the IT store right now (and hopefully for a few more weeks - Convention means I have no money, and I do want to pick one up)

9 Days (Elise Redressed)

omg, we're into single digits.  Shit's getting REAL.

Shirt - World On A String Eugenia
Suit - Main Attitude Adele
Brooch - Splendid Jordan
Purse - La Boutique
Earrings - Fashion Royalty