Sunday, December 21, 2014

Egg Nog: Rachel Costume 11

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Jade: Faded Desert Kyori

One of the prettiest dolls of 2014.  Will she make my list of the top ten IT dolls released this year, though?  You'll have to find out! (And so will I since I'm still tinkering with it....)

Jacket - The Great Pretender Lillith
Scarf - Liv
Dress - Barbie Basics 1.0
Purse - Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie
Earrings - Hopelessly Captivating Luchia

Saturday, December 20, 2014

O Tannenbaum: Hitomi Costume 16

Being German, she gets the German version of the song.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - Enemy: Queen Metalia


Or Queen Metaria, as the title card calls it.  Oh, Engrish.  The title card also gets some way more ominous music than usual.  This is the episode where everything comes to a head, and it's TOTALLY different than the anime, and also a lot more heartbreaking.  If you'd seen the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (and if you haven't, YOU MUST), you would have seen something like this episode play out.

In the communications hub, Usagi still won't fight against Mamoru, but Queen Beryl gets them all in a deadly hair attack (which is a lot cooler than it sounds, and is very Sindel from Mortal Kombat), and they start to remember about Queen Metalia, and about Beryl.  Beryl was actually the one who killed Endymion back in Silver Millennium, possessed by Metalia as she is now.  Venus calls forth for the holy sword, and tries to attack Beryl.  But there's a barrier in the way.  Mercury figures out that Metalia's power is concentrated in Beryl's necklace, so Usagi uses the sword to attack it.  The Legendary Silver Crystal gives her some strength, and she's able to destroy the necklace, which kills Beryl.

You actually feel a little sorry for Beryl when her past is shown, and that she was an earth maiden who was always in love with Endymion.  She turns to dust and disappears, but the power in Endymion from Metalia doesn't vanish.  Instead, he gets his hand on the holy sword, and walks away through a vortex.  Usagi follows him, but it closes before the other Senshi can go after her.

Usagi and Mamoru wind up in the Dark Kingdom, and she pleads for him to remember himself, but he and Metalia attack her to the point of near death.  This whole part of the episode is very exciting because it's inter-cut with the other four Senshi fighting against the Four Knights.  The girls desperately also want them to get their memories back, but still have to fight the guys to avoid dying.  The guys do remember Endymion being their master, and Kunzite and Venus share a small smile of relief, but Metalia has to come and cockblock everything, and she kills the guys (we think?)  In the manga, they didn't even last this long, so their storyline is up in the air, but I would kind of really like to see them continue on, saved by Sailor Moon and the other Senshi, and live normal lives as humans at Mamoru's side, and with the girls.  I don't think it's going to happen, though.  We'll see, though.

Their disembodied voices urge the girls on to find Sailor Moon and help her.  They teleport to where she's been trying her damnest to fight against both Endymion and Metalia.  Even Moon Healing Escalation hasn't worked, and she's in rough shape.  But the voice of Queen Serenity urges her on, that the power of the Crystal is based on her heart.  So, she takes up the sword, and stabs Mamoru.  As he falls forward towards her, they share a sad kiss, then Usagi stabs herself, just like what happened on the moon.  The other Senshi can only watch in horror as Endymion and Serenity die together again.  Then the episode is over.  Just like that until the new year!!!!!!  ARGH.

Friday, December 19, 2014

DØd SnØ: Marie Rose Costume 17

DØd SnØ is a Norwegian horror movie about Nazi zombies that come out of the snow.  It's a pretty great flick.  I always name Marie Rose's costumes after horror movies since that's one of her hobbies.

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Penelope (Afterhours Hanne)

God I love this girl.  I sometimes pick her as the best from the convention, but it's really hard to choose - there were so many great dolls from convention.  And she looks great redressed, too!

Dress - Hazel Street Designs
Necklace - Brattea
Purse - Afterhours Hanne
Gloves - Mistress Of Disguise Sebina Loni Lawrence
Belt - unknown
Earrings - unknown (Culte de Paris...?)

Thursday, December 18, 2014