Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Qadira: Polished Korinne

So, Qadira has her hijab on again.  But do you think I could tie it as good as I did the first time?  Of course not.  I struggled with it FOREVER.  I'm never taking it off again.

Top - Lead Singles Eden
Pants - MiniBarbie
Beaded Bracelet - Me
Black Bangle - Fashion Royalty
Purse - High Visibility Agnes

Gotham 01x18 - Everyone Has A Cobblepot


So, a bunch of little storylines happened this week - plus some horrid CG.  We'll get to that later.  Firstly, Flass is back because Gotham is corrupt as fuck.  This time, the corruption comes from Commissioner Loeb's office.  He has dirt on every police officer (except Gordon) because, as the title of the episode implies - Everyone Has A Cobblepot.  Flass got out because Bullock lied about the evidence because of his own Cobblepot.  He actually killed the guy that Falcone and Loeb wanted him to kill, instead of pulling a Gordon.  Bullock's not alone, either.  Most of the GCPD is in the same boat.  Seriously?  Like, I totally am not surprised that all the cops have that in their past, but these are some REALLY unoriginal corrupt guys.  It's the same thing over and over again.  Variety is the spice of a corrupt life, man!

So, Gordon being Gordon, he decides to clean things up.  Because that always works out so well for him when he tries it.  He decides to dig up the dirt - and turns to Oswald, because Oswald will turn on anyone.  So, they find out that Loeb is apparently hiding all his info on a farm.  There's a nice old couple there that guards the place, and then tries to shoot up Bullock, Gordon, and Oswald.  Oswald of course sucks in this gunfight.  Gordon and Bullock do find a nice tidbit of information, though.  Loeb's crazy-ass daughter, Miriam.  She killed her mother, and REALLY needs to be in Arkham, but Loeb decided to hide her instead.  So, Gordon plays the blackmail game, gets the info back about Bullock, and gets Loeb's approval for police union president.  See, in Gotham it pays to blackmail and lie.  Except now he owes Oswald a favor.  That's going to come bite him in the ass.

Speaking of Oswald, sometimes he's so inept it's comical (like at the farm - can't even hold two old people hostage while he's holding the shotgun... sheesh), and then he's downright evil.  Like with said old people.  He tells them he was only able to get one train ticket out of Gotham to save their asses from Falcone, so the wife ends up killing the husband.  But he lied about the ticket because he only had one shell left, and blows the old woman away like it's no big deal.

Bad CG time.  Fish wakes up with a new (and blue!) eye, thanks to Dr. Dulmacher (hey, Colm Feore!!!!)  She winds up getting into his good graces by playing both sides.  The good doctor is also nuts, and he shows her what happens to people who disappoint him.  Like his old office manager, who has been put onto a woman's body.  The idea is horrible and devious and all kinds of delicious pervertedness, but the CG is so bad.  Also, he points out that they're on an island in the middle of the ocean, so he chances of escape are pretty slim.

There's also a little sidestory with Edward and Miss Kringle.  When just the two of them are together, you think you're watching a show from the 50's, but it turns out they're both just hipsters.  He tells her about Flass being out (because she was dating him.  Why?  I have no clue).  She realizes that Flass was a dick, and has a better man in mind.  Edward of course thinks that it's him, but it's some other cop who gives Edward a really crappy riddle.  I don't know if he's more insulted about Miss Kringle stringing him along, or the cop and his riddles.  Either way, he's pissed and takes it out on a bouquet of flowers.

We also see a little bit of Bruce at the hospital with Alfred.  They don't tell Gordon about Reg, and Bruce realizes that it was because of him.  Selina winds up showing up and gives Bruce a hug (which he's all YAY).  He wants to find Reg, but Selina thinks that it's a bad idea.  Pretty much any idea that involves trying to be a good person in Gotham is a bad idea.  Just saying.

Monday, March 2, 2015

K'senia: Your Kind Of Model Kesenia

I've actually tried to sell this girl a couple times in the past - I don't know what I was thinking.  I guess when you need money (and have to cannibalize your collection to afford new dolls), you start just thinking of selling whatever you can.  Kesenia is one of my fave face molds.  Last night when I couldn't sleep, I was really thinking about which ones are my faves (and I guess also trying to justify entering the lottery for ITBE Isha and Kesenia).  Kesenia's at #5, tied with Tatyana 2.0.

Corset - City Prowl Eugenia
Pants - Kolkmann Kreations
Sunglasses - Vice Kyori
Necklace - MiniBarbie
Bracelet - High Visibility Agnes
Earrings - Me

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Annabel: London Mist Imogen

So, while I'm looking at the new images of the ITBE dolls, I'm considering on if I should enter for any of them.  I promised myself this year that I was going to be a lot choosier, and focus more on 16" Integrity offerings.  So, that means going back to look at the dolls I already DO have, instead of getting too caught up in the excitement of the new girls.  Like Annabel.  I love short-haired dolls, so there's a soft spot for Annabel.

Top - Fashion Explorer Vanessa
Bra - Fely's Creations
Jeans - Barbie Basics 2.0
Scarf, Earrings - PSDeeSigns
Comic Book - Poppy's Petities
Black Cuff Bracelet - Hard Rock Cafe #4 Barbie
Beaded Bracelet - Unknown
Blue Bracelet - High Toned Rayna

WClub Announcement - ITBE Lingerie Collection!

I really wasn't expecting this release until next week, so it was a pleasant surprise when I woke up (in the afternoon) and found this announcement in my inbox.  They're going to be available via lottery (everyone's fave... yeah right).  They're each $99 plus applicable taxes and shipping, which is a rather large price hike for the ITBE dolls.  They also all each come on the FR Tall Body, also known as Torpedo Boobs.  I personally like that body, so I'm happy, but I know there are people who would be happy if it was never seen again.  There's also an odd component to the email, in that each doll is limited to 'less than 500', which is surprisingly vague of Integrity.  What does that even mean?

Love Roulette ITBE (Vanessa 2.0 Sculpt):

This is the one that I'm most BUMMED out about, because the wonky eye is REAL.  I love Vanessa 2.0 as a sculpt, so when I read that it was her, my heart leapt with joy.  Then, when I scrolled down to the image below the spec information, my heart deflated, because she has the Monaco Royale screening.  Which has horribly wonky eye.  It's why I've never tried to purchase that doll, and it's why I won't enter for this one.  You can see in the prototype image that her eyes are fish-eyed, and that will only look worse in the production version.  SO SAD.

Audacious ITBE (Finley Price Sculpt):

Who is Finley Price, you may be asking?  Well, she's a new sculpt!  Judging by the name, she's probably a Color Infusion character, which means she may be a Jem character - we know that Lin-Z Pierce is coming, so this may be her face.  Personally, I think she looks very pretty, but she reminds me a lot of Cruise Control Vanessa with her hair, skintone, and blue eyeshadow, so I won't be picking her up. (I already have Cruise Control)

Dark Side ITBE (Anja Sculpt):

This collection has mostly darker skinned girls (which is a nice change), but here's the one pale girl, and she's really pale!  I'm torn on if I should enter for her or not.  I love her, but I already have a few pale blonde girls.  But I love the porcelain skintone, so we'll see!  I'm trying to be more selective this year... famous last words, right?  To me, she kind of looks like You Look So Fine Erin's big sister.

My Desire ITBE (Isha Sculpt):

Holy Bodacious Adele, Batman!  The resemblance is uncanny.  Now, here's where we get into sticky situations if you're me.  I'm trying to be selective, and I DO own Bodacious Adele, but this is an Isha sculpt, and you all know that I lurrrvvesss me some Isha/Luchia.  I think she'd look awesome with a bindi added to her.  I'm definitely considering entering for her, and she's my fave of the bunch.

Entice ITBE (Kesenia Sculpt):

The more I look at this one, the more I like it, and she's the runner-up to Isha as my fave in the collection.  As time goes by, maybe she'll become my fave.  I love the Kesenia sculpt, and this one is quite pretty.  Kesenia's a polarizing character, so I'm sure there's a bunch of collectors that disagree with me.

Buxom ITBE (Veronique 1.0 Sculpt):

I'm not a fan of Veronique 1.0, and only have 1 of her (Body Double).  I'm not a fan of the screening, but her coloring with the pink lingerie is just stunning.  I won't be entering for her, but good luck to all that do.

The deadline for WClub members to enter to try and win one of these lovelies is Wednesday, March 11th.  Mark your calendars.  Deadline for payment if you win is March 20th.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Face Off 08x06 - Queen Bees


We start things off with a hat related Foundation challenge.  There's a bunch of different hats/headdresses to choose from.  We also have a familiar face for a guest judge - Lois Burwell!  And she's wearing a hat!  She tells them that she's looking for a very clean makeup.  She really likes Rob's and Emily's.  Rob gets a rather simple top hat, and he does an aged Pinocchio.  Emily gets a huge jeweled headdress, and goes with a princess who has rhinestones all over her, and plenty of gold and silver.  It's absolutely gorgeous, and she wins immunity.  It's a good thing too, because the next Spotlight challenge is going to be a tough one.  Body Panting.  The first body painting challenge since Season 2.

And, we also have a Season 2 guest - Nix Herrera.  And OMG, I've been playing Dragon Age Inquisition, and Nix *totally* looks like Dorian.  All he needs is some magical powers and a real life Iron Bull. LOVE.  Nix is a body painting specialist, so he'll be advising each team this challenge.  They'll pair up and find a habitat where their nude models will be waiting.  They have to make the female a Queen insect, and the male a companion character, but the companion can be anything.  They have 5.5 hours for this challenge, and then a photographer will come out and take a picture, and the judges will go off that.

Emily and Jamie are working together again (they worked together on the sound challenge and were very successful as a team), and they choose the honey bee.  Rob and Adam choose the ladybug (I actually hate ladybugs.  We have infestations of them in our house sometimes, and they're annoying and smell bad when you squish them).  Ben and Kelly get the European hornet.  Darla and Stephanie get the jewel beetle, which is really colorful and pretty!  Lastly, Logan and Julian pick the cuckoo wasp, which is also really colorful and doesn't look like a typical wasp around here.

Right from the start, Kelly and Ben aren't working that hot together.  They want to do totally different things, and aren't really compromising.  Ben is hellbent on doing a blend, and Kelly wanted to do it where the two models came together to create one bug.  Anthony comes around, and he's really worried about their concept being too boring.  And something that Ben didn't think about is the sun moving since they're outdoors, so he has to constantly check his colors to make sure the blend is working.  So they get put behind schedule, and still aren't working well together.

Logan is also not feeling this challenge at all.  They want to do a Queen and larvae on the ground, but Laura thinks that's the wrong direction.  She thinks the judges won't get that it's a larva since they don't have reference images, and she starts posing the same kinds of questions they'd get on the reveal stage.  Funnily enough, her idea for them is the same that Kelly had, where the top half of the Queen is the female model, and the male model is the abdomen, since the cuckoo wasp's abdomen is such a different color from the rest of its body.

Darla and Stephanie are also a team that kind of has to change their idea partway through.  They were going to do the male as a blend, but then decide that he's going to be the wings on the beetle, but that means almost starting from scratch on Darla's behalf, and making opaque wings look translucent through paint, which is NOT easy.  Time's their biggest enemy.

Adam and Rob want to do a riff on the Sistine Chapel with the famous painting of God and Adam, but it's a Queen ladybug and her larva.  Rob's worried since he was on the bottom last week, so he gets right into painting his model's ass.  Literally.  They then switch it up and work on each others' characters.  Rob paints the face, and then his model has to do her own hair, because he doesn't know how.

The next day, they're all really nervous because they didn't get to see the final photograph before the judges.  Here are the final looks:

Logan and Julian's Cuckoo Wasp:

Turned out GREAT.  Look at the armor plating on the female model!  So kick ass.  That was all Logan.  Not bad for someone who was terrified to do body painting.

Darla and Stephanie's Jewel Beetle:
I agree with the criticisms with the wings being too high, and the boobs not being blended out, but I still like this one more than the judges seem to.  The face is so pretty.

Adam and Rob's Ladybug:
The Kabuki Queen of the insect world.  The Queen is not looking good, and this is definitely the weakest of all the female characters.  They're in trouble.

Emily and Jamie's Honey Bee:
SO GORGEOUS OMG.  I LOVE the face on the Queen.  So regal.  They did a nice job of feathering the paint to make it look kind of fuzzy (since honey bees are really fuzzy).  The honeycomb pattern that Emily added on the collarbones of the Queen looks stunning.

Kelly and Ben's European Hornet:
The team with no teamwork.  Glenn calls them out hardcore on that.  There's decent painting in there, and Ben's blend is pretty good, but you can tell it was two people working separately.

The top teams are pretty clear - Logan and Julian, and Emily and Jamie.  I personally love Emily and Jamie's because the Queen is so sexy, and I love the colors, and I'm a big fan of bees (in the summer, I'll sit in the porch and just watch them fly in and out of the flowers).  Logan wins, and he does deserve it, because the exoskeleton painting on his Cuckoo Wasp was just so damn good.  He's the first repeat winner of the season thus far.

The bottom looks are Kelly and Ben, and Adam and Rob.  I was pretty certain Rayce was going to lose a third person in a row, since the Ladybug had more problems, and they both worked on the face of the ladybug, which was the part that was working the least.  But it's Rob that's sent home.  So now Rayce is down to two people on his team.

And I just gotta say that when I was downloading the images for this week's final looks, I saw what the subject matter is for next week - Clive Barker!!!!!  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMFGGGGGGGG!

Bailey: Gloss Registration Erin

Again... sorry about not posting doll pictures in a while.  I'm REALLY glad that I when it's nice out, I take a fucking ridiculous amount of pictures, because then I always have a backlog.  Because the porch where I do my photography is completely snowed in, and it's snowing AGAIN.  This is the most snow that we've gotten in a hella long time.

Anyway, we did get an email from the WClub sneaking some upcoming dolls, but as usual, the sneaks are just kind of close ups of fabric.  There is an eye, but it's not immediately familiar to me.  Considering they didn't announce anything about a webinar, I'm guessing that it's not a huge like like Poppy, Fashion Royalty, or Nu.Face.  I'm thinking Dynamite Girls, so we'll see how correct I am when more information is available.

For right now, here are some shots of the surprisingly cute Gloss Registration Erin (who I've named Bailey).  I was never a huge fan of the Erin 1.0 face, but now I have 3 of them.

Jacket - MiniBarbie
Sunglasses, Dress - Barbie Basics 1.0
Belt - Unknown
Earrings - In Stitches Pizzazz